/New Counter-Strike 2 detail you might have missed reminds us that Valve hasn’t made Half-Life 3 yet

New Counter-Strike 2 detail you might have missed reminds us that Valve hasn’t made Half-Life 3 yet

As a human being on the internet reading a video game website, I probably don’t have to explain to you the long wait for half life 3, the shooter sequel Valve still hasn’t made, and all the memes it’s spawned. But it seems that, even if it will not form the long-awaited third part, Valve does not want everyone to forget about it. Half life and Gordon Freeman. That might explain why two pistols in the new counter attack 2 contain a small, hard to spot, reference to the silent hero of the Half life series.

Planned to launch later this summer, counter attack 2 it’s not a new gamebut a massive free upgrade of the existing one counter strike global offensive that will radically change the way the game is played and viewed using new technologies and features. Prior to its release, Valve has granted limited early access to CS2 to some players for testing purposes. And that was how someone was able to find a small Half life Easter egg in the new version of CS2The dual .

youtuber and Half life Richter fan overtime shared on Twitter a screenshot of the easter egg, which is simply the name “Gordon F”. engraved on a Beretta pistol from the game. It’s not hard to make the leap that Valve is referencing Gordon Freeman.

However, there is a bit more to this Easter egg, and it all has to do with the weapon the name appears on and borderlands creators, gearbox software.

How does this Easter egg connect with Half lifethe expansions?

In 2001, Gearbox was working on expansions for Half life. As part of this, the team redid many of Valve’s original game assets, such as weapons and character models, to make them look “better”. I use quotes there because while the HD package assets are higher resolution and have more polygons, there has always been a lot of debate amongst fans as to whether or not HD content actually looks better. Some prefer the original chunkier NPC and weapon designs seen in Valve’s classic. Half life. Others prefer the shinier, fancier stuff created by Gearbox.

What does this have to do with this easter egg on CS2? well in the original Half life the gun used by Gordon and other characters it is based on a glock. But in the HD pack, Gearbox changed this and made the in-game pistol a Beretta, the same “Gordon F” type of pistol. appears in the easter egg just seen. This has divided the community, with some applauding that the HD package is canon now and others humorously declaring that this is a horrible mistake. As someone who prefers the original models and weapons of Half lifeI think this easter egg is a parody and I hate it.

But also, Valve, you should do half life 3. Even if Gordon uses a Beretta, I’ll play it.