/What video game dealers would sell good weed?

What video game dealers would sell good weed?

Brok and Sindri from God of War standing in front of a marijuana grow plant.

Image: Richard T. / Unsplash / Sony / Kotaku

The dwarven brothers brok and sindri are a one stop shop for gear, upgrades and more at God of War and God of War: Ragnarok. Brok is blue, rude, hilarious and perfectly balanced by his brother Sindri, a skittish germaphobe and a very, very, very sweet guy. Throughout both games, the duo follows Kratos and company through the nine realms with a fully equipped shop ready to equip you with the most powerful gear.

The Huldra brothers are about consistency. They have expanded their franchise at an alarmingly mystical rate. It seems that on every corner, in every city, there are Huldra Brothers. The dwarf duo also like to do everything in-house, which means they grow their own produce. In God of War it’s the competitive nature of the team that ultimately brings your Leviathan Ax to its most powerful level, and it’s that same competitive spirit that makes their weed so great. Brok and Sindri are business partners and competitors, always trying to outdo each other and we stoners get the best rewards.

Now, walking into a Huldra Brothers marijuana shop is always intimidating. The two of you are constantly arguing and Sindri basically follows you around the store with hand sanitizer. That being said, they’ve been in the game for thousands of years, no one knows more about the science and business of yolk than these two brothers. Also, if you laugh at Brok’s jokes, he usually gives you an extra joke for free.