/The 5 best anime to watch while you feel like eating

The 5 best anime to watch while you feel like eating

If you’re a foodie like me, your algorithm on apps like the social media TikTok is full of overly stylized cooking videos from influential chefs striving to broaden your culinary horizons. While these over-produced videos are useful references whenever I throw on my big boy pants and shit in my kitchen, their lightning-fast-paced editing somehow hardens the smoothness that comes with carefully eating some delicious dishes. Fortunately, we still have anime, the old gods of making drawn food look more delicious than real life food, to satiate us in action (ie cooking or ordering food).

In the interest of today’s special herbal holiday, I’ve put together a short list of anime that you should watch if you’ve succumbed to late-night munchies. While it could have included popular anime movies like Studio Ghibli’s made disappear or any number of Makoto Shinkai animated movies For their tempting short scenes of delicious food, I’ve chosen to select shows that literally “show you how the sausage was made.” That way, if you have the brain power to retain the loving footsteps of these anime chefs, you too can cook your own delicious anime dish.

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Flavors of Youth

Netflix Anime/CoMix Wave Movies

Study: CoMix corrugated films

Where to look: Netflix

What is it about: Flavors of Youth follows the lives of three different people as they hold on to bittersweet childhood memories and move toward bustling adult city life in China. Although these dissimilar people are adjusting to adulthood in different ways, they all share fond memories of the steaming bowl of noodles that got them where they are.

Campfire cooking in another world with my absurd skill

Crunchyroll Collection / Map

Study: Map
Where to look: crunchyroll
What is it about: This isekai anime follows a 27-year-old named Mukouda who is mistakenly teleported to the fantasy Reijseger Kingdom as its hero. Instead of using his fists to beat his enemies, Mukouda uses his magical ability “Online Supermarket” to teleport ingredients from the real world and cook delicious modern Japanese meals. Mukouda’s ability, which was considered useless to the kingdom’s inhabitants, helps him pay his way as an adventurer and acquaints him with the legendary giant wolf Fenrir.

Restaurant to Another World

Crunchyroll Dubbing / Silver Link

Study: silver link
Where to look: crunchyroll, funimation
What is it about: Loyal customers of a popular restaurant in Tokyo have been led to believe that the restaurant is closed on Saturdays. It isn’t. It turns out that Saturdays are the day the deli serves otherworldly customers. Elves, fairies, wizards, and dragons come from far and wide to this special bistro to be served his favorite dishes by a legendary chef known only as “the master.”


Chocolate Thunder / Toei Animation

Study: Toei Animation

Where to look: crunchyroll, hulu

What is it about: The world has entered the “Gourmet Era.” In this world of excess, hamburgers grow out of the ground like plants and mounds of ice cream carve the horizon of mountain ranges. In this delicious era, a “gourmet hunter” named Torikofight ghastly monsters and evil organizations in his quest to discover all the best ingredients in the world in order to complete his “Full Lifetime Menu.”

food fights

Crunchyroll / JCStaff Collection

Study: J.C.Staff
Where to look: crunchyroll, disguise, hulu
What is it about: Rather than follow in his father’s footsteps by packing up and traveling to New York, a prodigy sous chef named Touma enrolls in a prestigious school called Tootsuki Culinary Academy. It is here that Touma tests his mettle against the school’s elite students in a flurry of cooking tournaments. While his classmate views cooking as a means to win food-related disputes, Touma views cooking as an art form and aspires to perfect his craft upon graduating from the academy with flying colors.