/Street Fighter 6 Showcase launches tomorrow – features Lil Wayne

Street Fighter 6 Showcase launches tomorrow – features Lil Wayne

A Street Fighter 6 showcase will be released tomorrow! It will be just over 30 minutes long and will feature Lil Wayne for some reason. Well!

Announced through the Official Capcom Twitterthe showcase will be the last pre-launch update before the game launches on June 2. We don’t know what to expect from this storefront at this time, other than that it will contain “big news and announcements,” according to the announcement. post, so we’ll have to tune in and find out live!

You can check out the announcement trailer for yourself here!

When does the Street Fighter 6 presentation go live? Well the show will start at 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11am BST / 12am CEST. Those last two time zones will have to check on April 21.

Okay, so what should we expect to see? We’ve already gotten hands-on with the online battle room through public betas, and many characters have been revealed through trailers. While we’ve seen the world tour mode, we’ve only seen small portions of it. A bigger, more comprehensive showcase of Street Fighter 6’s single player component isn’t bad.

If you don’t mind pulling out the copium, a final batch of character trailers might be shown as well! If you remember the Street Fighter 6 roster leak all those months ago, we’re still missing some of the characters, including Akuma, AKI, and ED. Who knows?

If you are looking for a final prediction, here is one for you. Street Fighter 6 has guest gameplay commentators. I’m not saying Lil Wayne won’t be participating in this showcase out of the goodness of his heart. Yo love me some rappers in fighting games, and it would be sweet as a Pacifier seeing Lil Wayne lend his voice to the game.

But what do you think? Will you be tuning in live? Let us know below!