/Monster Hunter Rise: Next Sunbreak Update Brings Elder Dragon Amatsu, Risen Shagaru Magala, And More Events

Monster Hunter Rise: Next Sunbreak Update Brings Elder Dragon Amatsu, Risen Shagaru Magala, And More Events

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s The free Title Update 5 is coming tomorrow and it comes with two new challenging monsters.

You will fight Risen Shagaru Magala and Amatsu, the impending calamity. Along with these monsters, the level cap of Anomaly Investigations has been increased, two Risen Elder Dragons will be added to Anomaly Investigation Quests, an update to Melding Pot is coming, new Special Investigations are coming, and even more Event Quests are in the works. path.

Amatsu is an ancient dragon who bends the weather to his will, and when confronted is capable of summoning storms and lightning.

In the update, Risen Shagaru Magala has managed to use its overwhelming power to overpower Qurio, infecting it into an even more fearsome form.

Amatsu will be available from MR10, and Risen Shagaru Magala will unlock at MR180. Beating the beats will reward you with materials and components to create complete new equipment with unique abilities.

You’ll also be able to take on two additional Risen Elder Dragons in Anomaly Research Missions and take on more challenges with the new Anomaly Research level cap of 300. All affected materials from these hunts can be used in the Melding Pot with the new Feature. “Qurious Melding” which allows for even greater customization of abilities.

You’ll want a good charge before attempting the new Special Investigations that unlock after completing an Anomaly Investigation at level 300. These Special Investigations feature monsters with a variety of power-ups including increased strength and longer-range attacks.

Additional event quests will offer various rewards, including poses, the Bloodmalice layered armor, the Buff Body layered armor, and even Lagombi ears. Monster & Elgado Music’s new paid BGM pack: Chill Version offers a variety of chill songs for you to kick back and study the sword. There are also other new paid DLC options for face paint, layered armor, hairstyles, and more. The voices of Sir Jae and Oboro the Merchant will be available, along with Bahari’s hairstyle.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 5, and PS4 on April 28, 2023. At launch, it will include content up to Free Title Update 3 (Ver.13). Version 14 and later will be available after summer 2023.