/Michelle Obama’s jab at Donald Trump has Jimmy Fallon in stitches

Michelle Obama’s jab at Donald Trump has Jimmy Fallon in stitches

Michelle Obama, appearing on the “Tonight Show” on Wednesday, criticized Donald Trump for breaking with the presidential tradition of inviting his immediate predecessors to the White House to unveil their official portraits.

Host Jimmy Fallon noted that the former first lady had recently returned to the White House for the first time since her husband, former President Barack Obama, left office in January 2017.

“No. I wasn’t invited,” Obama replied deadpan.

“Oooh, shadow,” he then joked.

The audience licked up the dig and Fallon burst out laughing.

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The Obamas did their first joint comeback in september for the unveiling of their official portraits, an experience that he described as “beautiful.”

“It’s a tradition,” he explained. “You make your official portraits, the next president is supposed to invite you to hang them. We were never invited back, so these photos have been taken for a long, long time.”

“It’s also a time for staff to go back and remember and be together,” he added. “It’s a ritual.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Obama mocked the “bad” cocktails his daughters Sasha and Malia made and recalled what happened when her husband became the unofficial coach of their fourth-grade basketball team.

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