/Diablo IV’s Super-Popular Beta Returns for One More Weekend

Diablo IV’s Super-Popular Beta Returns for One More Weekend

Blizzard announced that Diablo IV‘s super popular beta you’ll get one last playable weekend of May 12-14, allowing you to take another trip to Hell and Sanctuary before the action-RPG’s impending June 6 release date.

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The fourth mainline entry in the long-running isometric loot-grinding RPG, Diablo IV It’s already had a couple of beta weekends. While the starter was only available to people who pre-ordered the game (or bought a chicken sandwich), Blizzard then offered the beta version for all players to try. Both playable weekends allow you to run through the prologue and the first act, as well as level up any of the character classes to at least 20 for various in-game rewards that carried over to the main game, such as cute and sleepy wolf cub. That last open beta, which ran from March 24-26, was incredibly successful for Blizzard, with players spending nearly 62 million hours on the game. While a vast majority were torn apart by the dreaded Butcher, that death has not stopped people from wanting more. And now, that “more” will arrive in a few weeks.

Blizzard wants you to spank their servers this May

From May 12 to 14, all players on PC, PlayStation and Xbox will have the opportunity to jump into what will be Diablo IVthe final beta of . Blizzard wants to test the stability of the servers in preparation for the game’s release in June. As in previous betas, the five character classes will be available to view and the prologue, along with the game’s first act, will be playable.

In a blog post announcing the newsBlizzard specified that some differences will separate this final beta from the previous two. In particular, all bug fixes and game updates described on April 14 will be in effect. (RIP, necromancers, myself included.) LLegendary drop rates have been changed to reflect how they will appear in the full game, details of which have yet to be revealed.. And level 20 seems to be the limit here instead of level 25 like in previous betas. Otherwise, what you have played before is what you will play again. And because this is still a beta test, none of the progress it makes on what Blizzard has called Diablo IVThe “Server Slam” of “Server Slam” will carry over to the full game. What a shame.

What’s not a shame are the rewards you can get for playing this final beta. Aside from the titles you can earn to show off in the game, players who reach level 20 will also get that adorable wolf cub, and anyone who kill Ashava the Pestilent will get Ashava’s Cry mount trophy to trot around the world of Sanctuary.

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This will probably be the last time we have Diablo IV in our hands before the game drops in just under two months. It’s a bummer that progress won’t carry over to the full game, but hey, what can you do? If you’re ready for one last adventure with Mommy Succubi’s minions this Mother’s Day, you can download Server Slam on May 10 by searching for it on the digital store of your choice.