/You have to see Pokémon in ‘HD-2D’, a reinvention of the classic games

You have to see Pokémon in ‘HD-2D’, a reinvention of the classic games

Imagine it: Pokemonbut with the visual style of octopathic traveler either Triangle Strategy. You know, that joyful fusion of pixel art with modern 3D rendering that creates a delicate, dreamlike atmosphere you can lose yourself in for days? Luckily, we don’t need to leave this concept solely to fantasy, as 3D pixel artist Dott has created some wonderful digital dioramas as a tribute to the legendary monster-catching series, and by golly, if only real games looked like this.

Square Enix’s so-called “HD-2D” style of graphics first appeared in 2018’s retro-inspired Switch JRPG octopathic traveler. For many, the look immediately sparks a nostalgia for typically classic console RPGs, with a modern twist that doesn’t feel too out of place, but doesn’t necessarily feel like it’s full of flashy and fancy stuff. unnecessary. generate graphic effects. As a result, whether you’re playing on the Nintendo Switch or a PC with a massive GPU, the experience is an impressive and delicious treat. From octopathSquare Enix has used this aesthetic in three more games, the most recent being its remake of the 1994 choose-your-adventure RPG. live alive, which lands on PS4. PS5 and PC on April 27. It’s going to be a fun time for sure, but man, seeing this style in action at the Pokemon universe, and specifically the classic Red and Blue games, it’s just awesome. Check it out:


I mean, I would never leave the house if I could play this (yes, I know I already do, but still). According to Dott’s YouTube channel, everything runs on Unreal Engine 5.

There is a surreality that is simply inescapable here. It seems familiar and new at the same time, almost real, as if it were a mass of figures or a bold Pioneer miniature game, with fancy lighting and bokeh effects. The only complaint I have is that Dott’s videos are too short! I need more of this. Right now.


Currently there are only four precious “HD-2D” style Pokemon videos in Dott’s YouTube channelbut they also made some chrono trigger scenes done in the same style if that is of any interest to you.