/Now a tourist interpretation center at Akbar’s tomb in UP

Now a tourist interpretation center at Akbar’s tomb in UP

By Siraj Qureshi: This year’s World Heritage Day brought a special treat for tourists coming to Agra. While the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) arranged free entry to Agra’s archaeological monuments as every year, a Tourist Interpretation Center was also inaugurated at Mughal Emperor Akbar’s tomb, ‘Sikandra’.

Former ASI director PBS Sengar told India Today that the center outside the entrance of ‘Sikandra’, Akbar’s mausoleum, will provide detailed information on the construction of the tomb and Akbar’s relics. Pictures and films illustrating the history of the monument have also been exhibited here.

A live demonstration of the creation of ‘lime mortar’, which was used for construction during the Mughal period, was also shown on this occasion. The civil engineering students received information about the process of building construction with this mixture of ‘Dal-Batasha-Choona-Belpatra’. According to a senior ASI official, all Mughal-era monuments were built using this lime mortar.

On the Heritage Day, the Agra Heritage Walk was also organized.