/Bungie Tragically Removes Incredible Chest Exploit Two Months After Release

Bungie Tragically Removes Incredible Chest Exploit Two Months After Release

Bungie has removed the Terminal Overload chest farm from Destiny 2: Lightfall, making the process of quickly acquiring reputation and loot much more difficult for the average player. Whether it’s an honest hack or an exhaustive feat, the community flounders regardless.

For the dummies out there, after completing a Terminal Overload event, you could repeatedly loot one of two reward chests by quickly leaving the area and coming back. Each time you did, the chest would restock with new gear for you to grab.

Lance Reddick, voice actor for Commander Zavala, recently passed away.

The online community has responded as you’d expect: a cocktail of sadness, frustration, and ultimately acceptance for leaving the farm. There are also those who consider themselves lucky, having obtained the 50 chests required to unlock a rare emblem that has suddenly become a much more difficult feat to collect in time.

Not that this should come as a big surprise! The way it has been for almost two months was obviously not intended. It’s funny why it took so long to fix though, as those who really wanted to abuse this chest farm exploit surely went in and got everything they wanted out of it by now.

An interesting consequence of the fix is ​​how it will affect the popularity of the Terminal Overload event in the future! Many players were constantly queuing again and again for a chance to take advantage of the final stage of Terminal Overload, so they could quickly grab the chest 3-4 times in a matter of minutes.

With the exploit gone, will these players stop doing it altogether, or will they finally buckle down and help out longer with a smaller reward? My money is on the first.

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