/Amit Shah states take cutthroat approach Drug dealers Anti-drug task forces MHA Drug free India

Amit Shah states take cutthroat approach Drug dealers Anti-drug task forces MHA Drug free India

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday urged all state governments to join the fight against the nation’s drug problem and put aside their political differences. Shah said that to eradicate the threat of drugs, a “ruthless approach” must be taken against drug dealers to eliminate the threat posed by drugs.

He was speaking at the first conference of the Union Territory Counternarcotics Task Forces and heads of state.

Shah stated that the Home Ministry, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has set itself the goal of creating a drug-free India by 2047, when the country celebrates its centenary of independence.

“Drug dealers are the main culprits, as drug users are the victims. We have to take a ruthless approach against drug dealers and the strongest possible action should be taken against them,” he said.

The Home Minister claimed that Narendra Modi’s government is committed to eradicating the drug problem and that it should be tackled with a “whole government” strategy because it may harm future generations.

“Narcotics not only make the young generation feel empty, but along with this, there are also many negative effects on the country’s economy. Simultaneously, through narcoterror, through narcotics smuggling, the security of the country’s border can be violated….. If the 130 crores of Indians fight together, we will win this battle,” he said.

Shah urged everyone to put politics aside and called on state governments to unite in the fight against drugs despite their political differences.

“If we think about the fight against drugs, it seems very difficult, but if we fight it after planning, then the road to victory opens quickly. And the recent results in this fight against drugs are encouraging, ”he said.

He said that it is necessary to make a map of states and districts that make up the drug network. Without the map, it would be impossible to know how widespread the problem is or where to focus attention.

The Minister of the Interior said that this battle against narcotics must be fought by the government and turn it into a popular struggle.

He said the fight against drugs must take a “top-down and bottom-up” approach. When the smallest amount of a drug is discovered, its source must be discovered, the drug network must be investigated, and only then will you succeed.

Shah said that many countries have taken the wrong approach in targeting drug users, as the real culprits are drug dealers.

He said that when a drug shipment is seized, in the event that it has an economic angle, it must be delivered to the Inspection Directorate for investigation, in the event that a link to international terrorism is found, it must be delivered to the Directorate Research National. (NIA), which has the ability to try cases abroad, and some cases can also be turned over to the CBI.