/15 Free Printable Goal Planning Templates

15 Free Printable Goal Planning Templates

Can you believe that we are already at the end of the year?

I can’t believe how fast time has gone by this year. I don’t know about you, but due to the Covid pandemic, I felt like 2020 has No It has been the most productive year for me, in terms of business and health.

There were so many distractions (thanks to TWO lockdowns in New Zealand) that I spent taking care of my children and helping them with their home lessons from school, cooking and cleaning while my husband works from home. During that time, I wished that I had done more, accomplished more, taken more time to focus on my health, etc. It was a really difficult time, especially with a lack of concentration, not being able to visit my loved ones and being stuck. home most of the time with four relentless and restless children, it was enough to drive us crazy!

But in the midst of the chaos and lack of focus, God has been SO good and merciful to us. God still helps us put enough food on the table and continues to encourage us each month. It’s been those little bits of encouragement that really touched my heart and filled me with gratitude. His encouragement in my life has allowed me to keep going even though I feel so much lack (like the feeling of ‘not be good enough’) in my life and business.

Fortunately, although I didn’t do as much as the year before, the things I did DID achieved was because I made a solid plan and stuck to it.

One of which is these awesome printables I’m about to share with you…

I have created 15 beautiful goal planning printables, that I have personally used to plan my projects for the year and achieve incredible goals for my business. And they are all FREE!

The best time to plan is RIGHT NOW. Download them and start planning today so you can have a great start to the year!

15 Free Printable Goal Planning Templates

Download all 15 of Free Printable Goal Planner here.

Just click on the images below to download and print the goal planning pages.

Pages include:

  1. Front page
  2. inspirational quote
  3. Be thankful
  4. my resolutions
  5. Diary: How do you imagine your future?
  6. to do list
  7. annual planner
  8. project planner
  9. Monthly planners (4 pages)
  10. Weekly Planners (2 pages)
  11. ideas and sketches

Free Printable Inspirational Quote

I LOVE to be inspired. You?

Working on your mindset is extremely important. I would go so far as to say that it is MORE important than everything else put together. That’s why I wanted to include this quote along with your goal planning printables.

You can print it out, frame it if you like, and hang it on your wall or keep it on your desk. This is a great way to stay inspired while beautifying your home office at the same time.

inspirational quote

download the Free Printable ‘Inspirational Quote’ here.

Free Printable Planner Be Thankful

We’ve been through a lot this year, some more than others. But in the midst of chaos, sickness, poverty, and brokenness, physically or emotionally, we must be in a constant spirit of gratitude.

Even in the midst of all of that, I think there is still a LOT to be thankful for. Because only in gratitude, we can allow ourselves to be blessed and open up to many more wonderful things that God has in store for us, given in his time.

So use this printable and express your gratitude for all the good things that have happened this year and you will soon realize how blessed you are to begin with.

be grateful planner

download the Free Printable ‘Be Thankful Planner’ here.

Free Printable Resolution Planners

One of the best ways to start planning is to write down your resolutions for the coming year. One of the things I like to do is start thinking about a specific area of ​​my life and business that I can improve on starting this year. To make things easier for you, I’ve included some pointers in this printable to help you get started.

Another printable that has helped me tremendously in growing my business is journaling my path to success. Since I started my printable business, I have done this exercise every year. I will write in a journal what I imagine my future self to be like for me and my family. And I am pleased to tell you that most of the time I have succeeded most of my goals for that year. It is such a simple exercise yet SO POWERFUL! Try it for yourself.

Resolution Planner

download the Free Printable ‘Resolution Planners’ here.

free printable to do list

This is a versatile planner. Who doesn’t like to make lists? You can use it to list your current projects, errands around the house, things you need to do for the kids, gifts you want to buy for Christmas, and the list goes on.

But I like to introduce the ‘to do list’ before the ‘yearly planner’ because I personally think it’s the FIRST thing to do before you start planning your goals for each month of the year.

Not to mention, you’re probably overwhelmed with ideas and goals you want to achieve. So before you plan for the year, list EVERYTHING that is on your head right now. And then prioritize them according to what is MOST important to you that will help you move faster in your life or business.

printable task list

download the Free Printable ‘To Do List’ here.

Free Printable Yearly Planner

After listing your ideas, projects, and goals, write your goals for each month in the yearly planner according to what you’ve prioritized on your to-do list. It is easy!

printable yearly planner

download the Free Printable ‘Year Planner’ here.

Free Printable Project Planner Tracking

After listing your goals for each month, choose the first project you want to work on for the month. Write the title and description of the project and list ALL the major tasks of your project in the LARGE boxes of the planner with the headings ‘Task 1’, ‘Task 2’ and ‘Task 3’. You may need to print more than one planner if it is a large project with many major tasks.

In addition to your main tasks, you want to break your main tasks into smaller steps to make it more manageable and less overwhelming for you. The key is to focus on ONE main task at a time. Check the boxes in the small circles once you have completed each step. By following these steps, you will have your project completed in no time.

Printable Project Planner

download the Free Printable ‘Project Planner’ here.

Free Printable Monthly Planner

After planning your project and listing all the steps you need to take, you can use this monthly planner to plan every day of the month. This undated monthly planner can be used for all months of any year. Just circle the current month and complete your tasks for each day of the month according to your project planner.

I have included TWO options for you. One starts on Monday and the other on Sunday. Download both and print what you like best.

printable monthly planner

download the ‘Monthly Planner’ Free Printables – Monday Starts here and Start Sunday here.

Free Printable Weekly Planner

Here is another popular planner – the weekly planner.

In addition to the monthly planner, you can also use the weekly planner to complement your monthly planner. However, it would be wise, depending on your project, to focus on one or three goals for the week so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Again, I have two options for you to choose from, either a Monday or a Sunday.

printable weekly planner

download the Free Printable Weekly Planner – Monday Start here and Start Sunday here.

Ideas and sketches to print for free

This is one of my favorite printable goal planning sheets. Whenever I have an idea for a printable or design style that I would like to achieve for my website, I sketch out my ideas and designs on this printable.

Why not use a blank piece of paper? Well it could.

But this printable is very useful because of the points that are already available, which makes it easier to draw and less complicated to see.

Printable Ideas and Sketches

download the ‘Ideas and sketches’ to print for free here.

Using printable goal planning templates to plan and organize my life and business has really helped me improve my life and grow my creative business. And I hope these effective yet simple goal setting worksheets in PDF will do the same for you too.

Do you want the color palette codes for this planner? They’re down! 🙂

  • Teal – HTML#16A5A3
  • Baby Blue – HTML#98Ee2E1
  • Light Pink – HTML#F4A6BE
  • Pink – HTML#EC6091
  • Hot Pink – HTML#DA2864