/10 ways to earn money without working for someone else

10 ways to earn money without working for someone else

When some people decide to work from home, it’s because they’re tired of working for someone else. Who wants to deal with a manager drunk on his own power, especially when his idea of ​​a fun time is micromanaging? Who wants to deal with an hour’s drive, getting stuck in traffic, and then being pulled over for being late? Nobody has time for that! It can be liberating to get rid of all the negative aspects of earning an income, but keep all the good things: fuel your creativity, create something to be proud of, and take home some money.

So if you’re working too hard for someone else, you don’t necessarily want to get a job at a virtual call center, content factory, or virtual assistant agency. You want to be free, and today I have 10 jobs for you that will allow you to earn money without working for someone else.

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1. Start blogging

Blogging is a great opportunity to build something for yourself and generate income along the way. Pick a topic and niche you’re passionate about, get a domain name, set up your blog, and get started. If you collect emails for your mailing list right away, then set up affiliate marketing as soon as possible, you’ll be on your way to turning your blog into a cash-generating asset. As your site develops, you can expand your earning potential with passive income through eBooks, courses, or subscriptions. There are tons of resources on my site for new bloggers, and I also recommend Elite Blogging Academy for people just starting out.

sell your stuff

Clean up your trash and earn money! Here’s one way to earn money that you can start right away: Just find your unused belongings, which include everything from well-maintained clothing and sports equipment to jewelry and even books and laptops. Take some photos, write some descriptions, and sell your stuff online. You can sell your clothes through Poshmark, your media to Decluttr or Cash4Books, and use sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook’s Marketplace along with apps like LetGo for everything else. If you don’t mind dealing with people face-to-face, you could also host a garage sale or get a table at a local flea market. If you’re itching to get started on spring cleaning, don’t wait, use it as another way to get some cash.

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write for yourself

Becoming a freelance writer isn’t the only way to make money off of your word-scraping skills. You can also creatively write on spec. Do you love detective novels or science fiction about alien invasions? How about romantic comedies, fantasy adventures, or nonfiction documentaries? Whatever your subject of interest, tap into your passion and write novels, screenplays, or nonfiction books. Once you complete your work, you can purchase it from publishers or self-publish on Amazon. Writing eBooks is a great way to start generating passive income to keep your money flowing over time. If you publish yourself, be sure to present yourself professionally: make sure your work is well edited and create a great cover; you can find artists to help you with that on Fiverr.

get crafty

Do you love to do crafts? Make that love work for you! There are many ways that crafty people can earn income from their work, if they just put in the time and know where to sell. Whether you are a jewelry maker, textile artist, or love to work with ceramics or wood, there is someone who will pay you for your work. Set up shop on one or more of the great websites: You can sell embossed leather or small animal sculptures made from polymer clay on Etsy, or market your handmade soap or candles on Amazon Handmade. Level up with custom branding for your work – make a logo on Fiverr and maybe even set up your shop on your own website using a service like WooCommerce.

retail arbitration

Put your love of shopping and bargain hunting to work for you. If you’re a stay-at-home mom or living on a budget, you know the importance of shopping for the best deals and paying the lowest price for what you need. You can also translate these skills into income through retail arbitrage. Basically, you’re shopping for the best deals and clearance deals, and then you’re trading the items you buy for a profit. This works especially well with product types like cameras, electronics, outdoor gear, power tools, toys and games, video game consoles, and more. Sell ​​what you buy on Amazon or any other site that supports peer-to-peer online selling (eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.).

get chart

Do you have an eye for design? Design your own products. You can do this even if you’re best at choosing pretty fonts. Brainstorm some beautiful (or fun!) words or designs, and bring your idea together in a high-resolution graphic file. Once your design is ready, you can use a site like Redbubble or Zazzle to create products with your design. The number of different products you can create is almost limitless, including everything from stickers and mugs to key chains, hats, blankets, and leggings. And of course T-shirts – here’s a great rundown of how to make money selling T-shirts with no money.

When creating your designs, be sure to use public domain images and fonts; if not, make sure you pay for the proper license to sell products using those assets.

Make art

Do you have the dream of creating art full time? You could! There’s the traditional route of painting or sculpting (or whatever your process is) in your home studio, scoring gallery shows to sell your art, displaying it for sale elsewhere (like restaurants), and selling your art as your source. . of income Thanks to the internet, that’s not the only way to be a self-employed artist these days. You can grow your audience by sharing your art on your website or DeviantArt, monetize your audience through a site like Patreon, and sell art prints and posters through various sites like Society6 or Fine Art America.

Make music

If music is your thing instead of visual arts, you can become a musician. Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever for artists of all stripes to find and connect with their audiences. Whether you’re a solo artist or have a band, you can share your music via sites like Bandcamp or SoundCloud, and easily offer your work for sale in the same way. Music is another great reason to maintain a Patreon, and you can post exclusive tracks to Patreon backers (or give them exclusivity for a short period before the songs are available for public purchase). You can even host virtual concerts for your listeners through places like Facebook or YouTube, and set up a virtual hat for suggestions and donations. (For more great ideas on how to make money off of your love of music, check out this post.)

private labeling

Private labeling is a great way to sell your own products on Amazon without having to manufacture them. All you have to do is decide which products you’d like to sell and buy – make a smart choice that balances what you can afford to invest and which products are likely to move. And then dive into the fun part: imagine what you want to call your brand, and create a logo to represent that brand. You can do this part cheaply on Fiverr, but make sure all your packaging looks polished and professional. Since you don’t have a nationally recognized brand driving the product you’re selling, attractive packaging is incredibly important. Want to learn more about private labeling? I have a post for that.

Become an influencer

In the internet age, it is possible to be known only for who you are and what you love by building your personal brand and becoming an Influencer. How does it work? First, you’ll need to find your niche, something you’re passionate about and also marketable. Are you a beauty icon? Or perhaps you specialize in travel. Whatever it is, embrace your niche and choose the social media platform that works best for you – the most popular is Instagram, of course, but you may find it useful to use additional platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Grow your audience with a smart content marketing plan inspired by your interests (and research your competitors) and build your relationship with brands that will pay you to share your thoughts on their products with your audience.

It’s wonderful to work for yourself – no job leads to the chase and no one else to answer to, just make sure you keep going! Be proud and give yourself an income.