/German climate activists vow new wave of lockdowns

German climate activists vow new wave of lockdowns

SEDAN: climate activists said on Tuesday that they will carry out more protests in Sedan in an effort to force the German government to do more to curb global warming.
The announcement came as the courts are taking a tougher stance against members of the group. Last generation that they have repeated blocked roads at the other side of Germany in the past year.
The group told a news conference in Berlin that it would start organizing open protests on Wednesday in the government district. Starting Monday, the members will try to “peacefully paralyze the city,” he said.
Last Generation accuses the German government of violating the country’s constitution, citing a supreme court verdict two years ago he discovered that much of the burden of climate change was falling on the younger generations. Subsequently, the government of the then Chancellor Angela Merkel raised its targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissionsbut activists say the measures are not consistent with the Paris climate accord.
“As long as there is no plan that we can trust to protect our lives and our future, and that is based on the constitution, we are obligated to enforce that plan with all peaceful means,” said Carla Hinrichs, spokesperson for Last Generation.
The group wants Germany to end the use of all fossil fuels by 2030, a step that would be extremely ambitious to achieve. The country shut down its last three nuclear power plants over the weekend, increasing its reliance on coal and gas power plants until sufficient renewable energy capacity is available.
Last Generation protests have attracted sharp criticism from much of the political spectrum, although there has also been support for its underlying goals.
Three activists were sentenced to between three and five months in prison by a court in the southwestern city of Heilbronn on Monday. The judge noted that they had joined a blockade in March hours after being sentenced in a previous case.
One of the protesters, Daniel Eckert, defended his actions after the verdict, saying: “As long as the real criminals are not brought to court but continue to destroy the basis of our existence and profit from it, I can do nothing but stand in the way of the path of this destruction.”