/BotW’s greatest stunt master is back and better than ever

BotW’s greatest stunt master is back and better than ever

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo’s super-popular open-world action-adventure game, is the gift that keeps on giving. Despite being six years old now, OTW Stans continues to uncover all kinds of dark secrets and fun tricks in Link’s Switch adventure. Of absurd speed races to crazy mods, the fun is endless in the fallen Kingdom of Hyrule. One OTW The player in particular has decided to bet everything on crazy stunts, some of which are so cool that The Great Plateau can start to feel like the setting for a Fast and Furious movie.

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Released in 2017 to universal acclaim and high scores across Metacritic and OpenCritic, OTW It was an incredible swan song for the Wii U and a “must-own” for owners of the new Nintendo Switch. With an open world filled with emerging gameplay opportunities and a rather emotional narrative about a kingdom lost to demonic forces too powerful for a single hero, Link must muster his own strength and recruit allies to defeat a vile Ganon. in preparation for rehydration of the villain in the imminent sequel, Tears of the Kingdom (TotK).

OTW it was a vibe. While you can prepare Link to fight the idiots that roam The Great Plateau, you can also ignore most of the fighting in favor of living a more picturesque virtual life, cooking, fishing, and taking photos. Or, as in the case of Twitter user ambiyou could turn Link into a virtual double, sending him hurtling through the air like he’s testing a Michael Bay movie.

my city I met up with ambi to chat about OTWthe complications of recording the cheats they post online and the possibilities they see in OTWThe impending sequel Tears of the Kingdom.

1,500 hours of ambi life after

Ambi, who uses the pronouns they/they, is a OTW Video creator who primarily shares his work on Twitter. His posts often consist of funny memes and wild stunts, like a chicken bombing buildings and precision parries through massive skulls. This all started around 2018, a year later OTW he left.

Ambi said that one day they got bored and started playing around with stasis, one of several runic abilities Link has that allows him to freeze objects in place. This led to his first stunt in January 2018. Dubbed “fire in the holeThe stunt saw Link go through the eye socket of a large skull while riding over a rock, with explosive consequences for a Bokoblin camp. That was it for a while, but after a short hiatus from gaming and social media for “personal reasons,” ambi returned this year “with a pretty big creative rush” and they’re back at work on the OTW acrobatic mines.

“Most of the ideas tend to pop into my head and I write them down in my Notes app to test later,” ambi said. “I know the map very well and I know where a lot of the objects are, so it’s easy to think of new scenes to get Link through. The amazing thing about OTW Most of these ideas work! This game rewards creativity more than any other game I’ve ever played, which keeps me coming back to it.”

Ambi said they have put almost 1,500 hours into OTW, which reaches about 62 days. It’s thanks to all this time wandering around The Great Plateau that they were able to find the best spots to perform stunts.

“A lot of my cheats take place in the Hyrule Field area, as it’s a pretty good ‘hub’ spot amongst a lot of the metal objects you can find in the game,” said ambi. “There are two metal doors to the southeast and about four metal boxes to the east. There are also explosive barrels in the northeast and northwest sections. [of the map.] It also has a ton of guardians, so putting things together is pretty easy. The Great Plateau is in second place, since it has many objects there.

Stunts go completely wrong until they go right

The process of setting up cheats is much more complicated than posting them. Thanks to the Switch’s internal capture capabilities, capturing images isn’t difficult. But since this is a game with deeply complex physics, getting a cheat to work correctly requires hours of repeated trial and error.

Sometimes the stars don’t align and the game just doesn’t deliver the expected result, like this time when Ambi was trying to throw a horse into a hole. What ended up happening was the straight horse vibrating thanks to an unfortunate glitch that caused it to “drown” and get caught in your swimming animation. This mistake, however, resulted in the most viewed video of him.

“Since most of my tricks are based on super physics, they all go completely wrong… until they finally go right,” said ambi. “Some of my best videos were actually made from mistakes that happened and I just improvised and did something completely different with the result. My most popular video to date actually happened as a mistake trying a hack that didn’t work and ultimately led to a glitch. Once I saw the horse doing that, I noticed that he had a ‘club bpm’ in the way he was bobbing his head. So I went through my music library to find Magikarp Festival from pokemon tournament [and it] it fits quite well, [plus I] i got as many angles as i could to make the video. I haven’t been able to replicate the bug yet, so I’m very happy I acted when I did.”

Some tricks, like this “cute jump rope shot” and the “tree shield guardian shot”, were the easiest to set up and film. These didn’t require items that needed to be placed beforehand or anything of that nature to perform. In fact, ambi said that these two were simple mainly because the stunts were all about getting the timing right. But while these were some of the easiest stunts to record, ambi explained that one of her most popular posts, a stunt that saw Link do a motorcycle backflip out of a metal gate to shoot three guardians while dodging their laser beams, was by far the most difficult to achieve. interpret everything they have uploaded.

“I hope to keep speeding things up before Tears of the Kingdom, so I’ve been holding back a lot of my best which I hope to upload soon,” said ambi. “As for the stuff I’ve already uploaded, my recent ‘Backflip vroom-kaboom shot‘Take that crown. It was about an hour and a half setup and I ended up doing it multiple times when I wasn’t happy with the initial result.”

All the ambi hype points towards Tears of the Kingdom

Ambi expressed her guilt for the time they have spent in OTW, saying they have “a need to add up all the hours in days in the real world” to see what else they could be doing instead. Still, though, the anticipation people have for ambi’s posts and the “sheer fun” of creating these videos is what keeps them going.

“Honestly, at this point, I’m a little [obsessed with] that,” Ambi said. “Playing OTW and setting things up in the world has been my way of listening to music and random long-form documentary videos in the background while my eyes and hands are busy playing. It’s become part of my routine and it’s been a super relaxing way to just unwind from some mindless chores. I’m also very happy that people enjoy what I do, so that’s another great motivator as well.”

While listening to orchestral and piano albums and documentaries on “findings and theories of antiquity and early civilizations”, ambi looks forward to TotKMay 12 release. While “they love everything” skyward swordambi said OTW is his favorite Zelda game right now, with all its anticipation turning to new TotK additions like the skill “Fuse”.

“It’s not surprising, but the new abilities seem very exciting,” Ambi said. “It’s going to be fun to see what people start discovering immediately once the game is released. Year one TotK probably won’t be anything like year five TotK since people are even discovering things [in BotW] for this day.”

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What has ambi done in breath of the wild It’s been really wild to watch. I gag from the stunts, some of which seem incredibly complicated to put together. With Tears of the Kingdom Releasing soon, it’s just a matter of time before ambi goes wild in the new game, driving everyone crazy with crazy new tricks and stunts that could only take place in the wild world of Hyrule.