/Fortnite Stops ‘One Pump’ Shotgun, Removes Dirt Bikes

Fortnite Stops ‘One Pump’ Shotgun, Removes Dirt Bikes

If you’ve previously enjoyed the searing body damage and absurd headshot multiplier of FortniteMythic Havoc’s Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun, I have bad news. In a recent update, Epic Games nerfed the brutal weapon. But don’t worry, as the 24.20 update still has some cool stuff to take advantage of.

He Mythic Havoc Shotgun arrive Fortnite with Chapter 4: Season 2 and it wasn’t long before players realized just how devastating a weapon it was. Joining the ranks of other heavy hitters like the Combat Shotgun, Drum Gun, Shockwave Hammer, and of course the Infinity Blade, Mythic Havoc had players flocking to Mega City to protect it from the vault. Dealing 144 damage to an enemy’s body, the Mythic Havoc Shotgun would make quick work of almost anyone. But when shot at the head, 250 worth of damage easily made its wielder jump into an unstoppable state. That all changes with update 24.20, which reduces headshot damage from 250 to 210. I’m as emotionally wrecked as you are about this, but hey, at least dirt bikes are back?

You should still grab the Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun (here’s how to get it)

While the 40 damage reduction for headshots is a bummer for us cowardly shot threats, it still has some pretty substantial base damage. I’d say it’s still worth grabbing. Here’s where to get it:

Keep an eye out for the Highcard boss in Mega City.
gif: Epic Games / Kotaku

Head to Mega City, in the southeast corner of the Asteria map. Keep an eye out for the Highcard boss and take them out; he will put up a halfway decent fight, but if you have a decent weapon you can make quick work of him. It will drop a key card. Follow the directions on your HUD to the vault for a chance to find the Mythic Havoc Pump Shotgun.

Yes, it’s not as powerful as it was before, but it can still easily help you all the way to victory royale. In fact, I just got a win with it (and a heavy sniper rifle). I’m so sorry for that nonsense in Secluded Spire. gg?

Fortnite Update 24.20 brings back dirt bikes and other changes

Who doesn’t love a dirt bike? Probably the most exciting aspect of the new update sees the return of the Trail Thrasher Dirt Bike. With two players seated, the driver can shoot while moving at high speeds, making him fast and deadly.

And while the Mythic Overclocked Pulse Rifle reduced its accuracy and fire rate from the hip, the Kinetic Blade got a new rare variant that maintains the same damage, but grants it an additional kinetic charge, bringing the total to two.

Update 24.20 could have reduced the damage of a sweet weapon in Fortnite sandbox, but you can be sure I’ll still be going to Mega City to grab that Havoc shotgun.