/The Last of Us Part 1 Steam port looks… grim

The Last of Us Part 1 Steam port looks… grim

The Last of Us Part 1 is finally out on PC! Unfortunately, the quality of this long-awaited PC port leaves a lot to be desired with many complaining about crashes, crashes, and poor optimization.

The game in its current state has not lived up to the expectations of thousands of eager PC gamers. At best, resulting in some humorous textures from outdated Steamdecks that the internet can gather up and have a laugh, and at worst, “unplayable” according to Steam reviewers. Even on beefier hardware, The Last of Us Part 1 seems to be struggling with myriad issues.

Here’s the trailer for The Last of Us Part 1 on PC, which looks a lot better than what players are experiencing right now.

This wave of disappointment has led to a mostly negative rating on Steam at the time of writing. In response, Naughty Dog has released a statement via Twitter which reads: “The Last of Us Part I PC Players: We have heard your concerns and our team is actively investigating various issues you have reported.”

Tt continues: “We will continue to update it, but our team is prioritizing updates and will address the issues in future patches.” In a follow-up tweet on the same thread, the official Last of Us account urges those experiencing issues to submit a ticket to assist in the troubleshooting process.

Ultimately, this isn’t the kind of thing the folks at Naughty Dog want to see with The Last of Us TV show ending and surely tempting a new wave of PC gamers to get excited about the IP. Those responsible for the port should cross their fingers that Naughty Dog can quickly address these issues and fix them as soon as possible, before people who were previously excited to be involved with the series start looking elsewhere for their entertainment.

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