/Rinku’s Secret Sauce: Rinku Singh Reveals Whose Bat He Hit 5 Sixes With to Win

Rinku’s Secret Sauce: Rinku Singh Reveals Whose Bat He Hit 5 Sixes With to Win

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) star Rinku Singh has revealed that the bat he played with against the Gujarat Titans was a gift from his patron, Nitish Rana. With 28 needed from 5 deliveries, Rinku Singh hits five straight sixes to win for Kolkata against Gujarat Titans.

In a video posted by IPL, KKR captain Nitish Rana asked Rinku about his batting and what was going through his mind in the last over.

Rinku kaisa lag raha hai aapko ye innings khel kar kar, har koi puchna chahta hai ye, sabko ye jawab chahiye kya tha aapke maag mey us time 5 ball mey 28 carreras chahiye the (Rinku, how are you feeling now? Everyone wants to know what was going through your mind when you needed 28 of the last five balls)”, Rana asks.

Rinky replies: “Dimag me mera ye thoda sa dude tha kyunki mai itna acha nahi kehl raha tha, ball nahi lag rahi thi mera se (There was a doubt in my mind because I wasn’t playing well and I couldn’t hit the ball correctly).

With 39 needed from the last eight balls, Rinku rose to the occasion when he hit the last two balls of the 19er, bowled by Josh Little, for a six and four.

Rinku says that a couple of blows against Little have given him confidence.

Penultimate over mey jab maine ek chakka and ek chaukla marato usse confidence aaya (That six and four in the second to last over gave me confidence)

“Aur fir jo last ki paanch ball thi, paanch chakke maare, aisa mai kuch soch nahi raha tha bas jaisa ball aa raha tha wise hola khal raha tha (I wasn’t thinking much during those last five balls, I was just playing according to the merit of the ball”, he said.

Rinku also revealed that he was having a flashback to last year, when he failed to finish the match against Lucknow Super Giants. In that match, Rinkus scored 40 from 15 balls and with 21 to go in the last over, he went 4, 6, 6, against Marcus Stoinis. But Stoinis defended 4 for 3 by picking up two wickets in two balls, including the wicket of Runku, who was caught brilliantly by Evin Lewis as sweeper cover. KKR lost the match by two runs, while chasing 211.

Flashbacks aa rahe them from last year, yahi situation thi we time bhi (I was having flashbacks to last year. We were in the situation and I couldn’t finish it) Rinku says.

In a touching gesture, Nitish Rana, who gave Rinku his bat, could have given Rinku anything.

Agar me aaj kuch bhi hota, maine bat aapko de hi diya hai apna jisse aap ne paanch chakke maare agar mere pass kuch aur bhi cheej hoti toh aaj mai aapko dene ko taiyyar tha koi aisi cheese jo aap maangna chahte ho mere se (I gave you my bat and you gave him those five sixes, if you want anything else from me feel free to ask),” Rana says.

“Nahi nahi bhaiya aapka pyar hai, aapka pyar his chahiye aur kuch nahi chahiye (I just want your love and nothing else),” Rinku replies.

In another video posted by KKR, Rana says that he has played the entire domestic season with the bat, and he gave it to Rinku.

“Yeh mere match bat tha, dono match is se khela hun pure SMAT is se khela hun last year the last match ke 4-5 is se khele hun aaj maine bat change kia. Rinku ne mujhse bat manga main dena nahi chata tha but koi andar se koi bat pick kar ke laya. Mujhe lag raha tha ki who yeh wala bat choose karega. Kyunki iska collects bahut acha hai, aur yeh thoda light hai mere weight ke saab se. Aur ab yeh rinku ka hi hai. le liya usne mujhse (This was the bat I used on Syed Mushtaq Ali and last season too. I never wanted to give it to him, and when he asked me for a bat, I just told him to go and pick one for you, and he picked this one first, deep down I knew that he would choose this bat by himself and now the bat belongs to him,” says Rana.

Rana praised Rinku and said, “Rinku jaisa saaf dil ka insaal maine aaj tak nahi dekha aur jo bhi isne aaj kiya hai mai bahut khus hun kis aisi innings aap life mey ek ya do baar khelte ho, mai toh ho sakta hai ek bhi na khel pau (I have never seen anyone who is as good-natured and pure as Rinku. We only play those kinds of tickets once or twice in our life, I may never play. I am very happy for Rinku.)

Rahul Tewatia, who has played such strange punches in the IPL, was watching the interview closely and pulled Rinku’s legs to his feet.

“Aise kyu khada hai (Why are you standing like this?),” asks Tewatia. Rinku replies: “Nervous hota hun bhaiya (I was nervous).

Tewatia shoots another question: (Nervous kis baat ka aaj koot diya melody (Why are you nervous? You played a gem today.)