/PoJK Narco Terrorist Module Agents Caught In LoC Via CCTV – Latest Jammu Kashmir News | Tourism

PoJK Narco Terrorist Module Agents Caught In LoC Via CCTV – Latest Jammu Kashmir News | Tourism

An intruder captured by LoC troops in Poonch being taken to hospital on Sunday.
An intruder captured by LoC troops in Poonch being taken to hospital on Sunday.

One dead, two captured alive by the Army in Poonch

Proceeds from drugs used to further terrorism

Sanjeev Pargal
JAMMU, April 9: In a great success, the Army shot an infiltrator and captured alive two other wounded, who came from Pakistan, occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK) and were part of the narco-terrorist module directed from Pakistan, together with the Line of Control (LoC) in the Shahpur sector of Poonch district late at night.
A large quantity of Pakistani narcotics, currency and documents in the possession of killed and captured Pakistanis was recovered. CCTVs installed in sensitive LoC areas to track the movement of infiltrators helped eliminate and arrest intruders, official sources told Excelsior.
Authorities identified the slain intruder as Mohammad Sharief Kohli, 42, the son of Mohammad Akbar Kohli and those captured as Mohammad Shakeel, 32, the son of Mohammad Sadiq and Tariq Kohli, 25, the son of Mohammad Yousuf Kohli, all residents of Maidaan Mohalla in Shanjal village. in PoJK.
“The killed and captured infiltrators were part of the narco-terrorist module heading out of Pakistan and their elimination and arrests have thwarted a major plot to inject drugs into Jammu and Kashmir and use their proceeds for terrorism,” the sources said.
The Pakistan Army and the Internal Intelligence Service (ISI) have been using terrorist agents for two purposes these days, including smuggling weapons, explosives, ammunition and narcotics. Profits generated from the narcotics are used to foment terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, especially in the Valley, the sources said.
However, most of these plots are being effectively thwarted by security forces and police by arresting or eliminating narcoterrorist agents. The Over Ground Workers (OGW) on this side of the LoC are facilitating the transport of weapons and narcotics and several of them have been detained by the police.
Jammu-based Army PRO Lt. Col. Devender Anand said troops noticed a suspicious movement of a group of three near the LoC at around 10:15 a.m. last night.
The movement of the infiltrators was also visible on CCTV cameras installed in the LoC, the sources said.
“Around midnight, the group crossed the LoC and began to infiltrate this side. The alert troops kept the movement of the infiltrated group under continuous observation. At approximately 2 am, as the group approached the fence, alert Army troops challenged them,” they said.
They added that as soon as the intruders began to flee, they were shot at. One of them was shot dead while the other two managed to escape into a jungle taking advantage of the thick foliage, darkness and rocky outcrop.
“The area was immediately cordoned off to prevent their escape via the LoC and a search operation was launched at first light in which the body of the murdered intruder was recovered at the scene of the encounter,” the sources said.
As the jungle search progressed, the other two trespassers were apprehended, including one wounded.
Three bags containing 14 packets of narcotics weighing about 17 kg, Pakistani currency, some documents and groceries have been recovered in the operation, the sources said.
Citing preliminary questioning of the arrested trespassers, the sources said they claimed they are residents of PoJK’s Chanjal village.
“With their swift action, the alert Army troops have prevented a major infiltration attempt by a narco-terrorist group that had the potential to disturb the peace in Poonch and Rajouri districts through their nefarious designs,” the sources said.
Troops have been on high alert along the line of control in the twin border districts of Rajouri and Poonch to thwart infiltration attempts by militants and narco-terrorists.
“Most infiltration attempts have been successfully thwarted by security forces,” the sources said.