/8 types of jobs you can do from home

8 types of jobs you can do from home

Working remotely is the dream of many people. No commuting, no suit and tie, and no one to micromanage every minute. It almost sounds too good to be true.

There are tremendous benefits to working remotely, and more workers are leaving their traditional 9 to 5 job and working from home. TO Gallup 2017 study found that 43% of Americans work from home at least part of the time. Those who are working from home are beginning to work remotely for longer periods more frequently.

Fortunately, there are some great jobs you can do from home. Here are some of the most popular options.

1. Customer service

Many large companies are beginning to outsource their customer service departments to remote workers. In this role, you will often interact with customers on behalf of the company. You’ll probably be handling complaints, solving problems, or helping them use the service. You may need to speak to customers over the phone or through a chat service. Sometimes these positions are seasonal.

To work as a customer service representative, you must meet these standard requirements:

  • Access to a quiet work environment.
  • High-speed wired Internet connection
  • Basic computer skills
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Ability to commit to a regular schedule, with possible weekend hours

Qualified candidates will likely be able to solve problems, have good communication skills, and work independently.

Companies that are hiring:

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2. Writer or Editor

Freelance writers or editors will often be hired and paid by writing assignment or by batch of writing assignments. A degree in journalism or English is not always necessary, but a firm grasp of the English language and grammatical rules is vital.

You will also need to be motivated and organized to excel in this role. As a writer, he is likely to be paid by the word and not by the hour, which means that he must dedicate himself to finishing the task at hand to earn a living.

Every owner of a blog, online website, ebook and more needs online content to fill their pages. Strong research skills are also recommended, as well as some experience in the area you want to write about online.

Some types of jobs you may be asked to write about include:

  • newsletters
  • blog posts
  • Articles
  • Ghostwritten Materials
  • seo articles
  • e-books
  • teaching materials
  • eCommerce Descriptions

Job boards are often an effective way to get started as a freelance writer. Here are some of the best:

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3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is much more than a simple secretary. In this role, you may be responsible for email management, blog management, graphic design, transcription, customer service, social media, and much more. Anything a client wants to outsource, you will be responsible for taking care of them.

If you decide to work for yourself as a VA and not through a company, you may decide to offer different services that fit your skills. However, many virtual assistants will choose to work for a company first to gain experience before forming their own business.

These companies frequently hire virtual assistants:

Learn more about becoming a virtual assistant here.

4. transcriber

Transcription can be a low-paying job at first, but as you progress in the field, you can earn a full-time living.

Depending on the company, you may need training or need to purchase equipment. Medical, legal, and general are the three main categories for transcription work. General transcription tends to be easier to find work on, while legal and medical transcription work tends to require experience. If you want to work as a medical transcriptionist, you will likely need an AHDI-approved certificate.

To be effective in this job, you must be able to write error-free copy quickly (60+ words per minute) and meet tight deadlines. Your spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills should also be above average.

Some of the equipment you might need is a high-quality headset, a quiet place to work, a computer with fast Internet access, and specialized software. You may need to purchase a pedal that can help you improve your productivity.

Companies that usually hire:

Learn more about transcription jobs here.

5. Data entry

Data entry jobs do not require prior training, but you must have strong computer and typing skills. The ideal candidate will also be organized, have good communication skills, and extensive knowledge of common programs such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Excel, and more.

Because it requires almost no skills and is easy, it means it can get extremely repetitive. You should be able to sit at your desk for long periods, so it’s important to have a comfortable home office, a home computer with high-speed Internet access, and a number pad because you’ll likely be entering a lot of numbers.

Data entry is a great way to break into the work-at-home industry, but because of that, legitimate data entry jobs can be hard to find. Competition for these jobs is fierce and the pay is often low. Please note that the waiting list for these positions is often extremely long.

However, here are some companies that will hire from time to time. Check their websites frequently to see when they post jobs.

Learn more about data entry jobs here.

6. Travel agent

For those who are incredibly well organized and love to plan vacations, you may want to consider becoming a travel agent. As a travel agent, you may choose to work independently, with an agency, or for a corporation.

Depending on the type of company you end up working for, you may need to take phone calls or emails and be very responsive to any type of query that arises. To be qualified to work as a travel agent, you probably won’t. you need a license or title in travel. Instead, you must have a love of travel. However, some positions may require you to have previous experience working as a travel agent.

Some companies that often hire include:

Learn more about remote travel agent jobs here.

7. counter

Almost all bookkeeping needs can be met online, and many small businesses turn to remote bookkeepers or accountants to meet those needs. While an accountant will have a degree or certification, a bookkeeper position often does not require any special education.

An accountant will be responsible for:

  • paying bills
  • Collection of payments on invoices
  • Creation of financial reports
  • Updating financial records
  • Publication of financial records within the computer system.
  • Put debits and credits in the correct accounts.

Because a bookkeeper will not be advising organizations on financial records, no prior experience is necessary. However, some companies want to hire a bookkeeper who has experience working in accounts payable, accounts receivable, or in an administrative type position.

The companies that usually hire bookkeepers are:

Learn more about online accounting jobs.

8. Teacher or Tutor

Teaching English as a second language has become a popular option for many remote workers. You can choose to teach conversational or business English. The main requirement is that you be a native speaker who understands cultural idioms and phrases.

Most companies require you to have a computer with a high-quality webcam, good lighting, noise-cancelling headphones, and a fast Internet connection. Some additional software may be required, depending on the company.

Many companies cater primarily to children, but some companies specialize in teaching English to adults. If you choose to teach English to children, you must have a lot of energy, use big hand gestures, and act out every word. To help with your classes, you may choose to use props such as puppets, toys, blackboards, flashcards, pictures, or anything else to help convey the lesson.

You probably won’t have to plan your lessons on your own, as most companies have an established curriculum and teaching system. This type of work is suitable for people who need a job outside of traditional working hours. Many ESL companies work with foreign students in China, South Korea, and Japan, which means you could be working before the sun comes up.

Some companies do not require a college degree, but a recent law in China requires all ESL teachers to have a college degree. Most companies will require you to have TESOL, TEFL or an equivalent certificate and ask you to commit to 10 hours a week, including weekends. Experience of working with children is often recommended.

Here are some companies that are hiring:

Learn more about teaching English online here.

Those are just some jobs you can do from home. Which will you choose?