/Jairam Ramesh criticizes PM Modi over new parliament building

Jairam Ramesh criticizes PM Modi over new parliament building

New Delhi: Congress leader Jairam Ramesh claimed on Thursday that the new parliament building in Delhi is a “waste of money” and nothing more than a “personal vanity project” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to the leader of the Congress, PM Modi, like every “dictator”, wants to leave behind his architectural legacy through the new parliament building.

Jairam Ramesh took to Twitter and said: “The first of the personal vanity projects. Every dictator wants to leave his architectural legacy behind. Colossal waste of money.”

Earlier on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi visited the new parliament building for a surprise visit. He spent over an hour inspecting various works. Prime Minister Modi observed the installations being erected in both houses of parliament and also interacted with the construction workers. Congress Party leaders have been criticizing the construction of the new parliament and the central view project since its announcement. Earlier, Congress leader Randeep Surjewala took to Twitter and said: “Mr Modi, it will also go down in history that when farmers fought for their rights in the streets for 16 days, you were building a palace for yourself in name of Central Vista.. In a democracy, power is not to fulfill whims, it is a means of service and public welfare”.

He further stated that the Parliament building is not about cement and stones and envisions democracy and soaks up the Constitution. “Dear Prime Minister, Parliament is not mortar and stones. It provides for democracy. It imbues the Constitution. It is economic, political and social equality. It is compassion and camaraderie. It is the aspiration of 130 crore Indians. What would a building be built about the trampling of these values ​​represents?” he tweeted. It should be noted that the Congress party also boycotted the foundation-laying ceremony for the new parliament building.