/Resident Evil 4 Veterans Are Trolling Newbies, Telling Them To ‘Throw In The Lake’

Resident Evil 4 Veterans Are Trolling Newbies, Telling Them To ‘Throw In The Lake’

early in resident evil 4, León meets a large lake. It’s a bit creepy, but otherwise seems harmless. And according to many online players, you should walk to the pier and start shooting the lake for a fun hidden reward. However, this is actually a dirty trick, and also a very funny one, that RE4 veterans are playing new players they don’t know any better.

Released on March 23, Capcom’s remake of the classic 2005 survival horror game, resident evil 4, it’s fantastic. Fans love it, and it’s getting almost 100% positive user reviews on Steam. Personally, I think it could be better than the original game, and I’m excited to play it again for years to come thanks in no small part to how careful Capcom was in keeping so many classic details from the original. One such example is a nasty little secret hidden under the lake for curious gunslingers, and it’s this secret that some on TikTok and Steam are lying to screw over unsuspecting gamers.

What actually happens is simple: if you shoot the lake multiple times at the beginning of Chapter 3, a large monster will emerge from the water and kill Leon in one bite. This is the boss you will face later in the chapter, and the surprise attack it’s a secret that existed in the original game. (You even have a trophy/achievement on HD re-releases for doing so.) It’s a fun time for everyone except Leon, who gets killed.

Dan Allen/Kotaku Games

However, you may be tricked into thinking that something else will happen if you Browse Steam Reviews for resident Evil 4 new version. You’ll quickly spot people suggesting a secret gift awaits lake-shooting players. Some introduce the suggestion in a normal, honest review.. Others are more blatantly trying to trick people into shooting water, like one review that bluntly states: “Shoot the lake for additional items.Worse, at least for newcomers, is that many people are toying with these jokers, telling Steam that these are “helpful” reviews or post additional reviews who praise people for sharing this useful secret knowledge with others.

On TikTok you can find videos of people telling similar lies. one of those videos uploaded by Gakidx on March 25, suggests that you can unlock a secret outfit for Leon if you shoot the water. The video even shows the player shooting into the lake, but it conveniently cuts out before anything happens. It racked up over 910,000 views and even fooled one of our employees, who hadn’t played RE4 before, thinking that the secret of the lake that we all hinted at was good, instead of dying in the jaws of a giant lizard.

Let me be clear: I love all of this so much. There is something very funny about experienced players trolling newcomers through fake reviews and misleading videos. It reminds me of the made-up stories people spread about stripping Lara Croft naked in Tomb Raider, or to find secret Pokémon. It almost makes me wish RE4 remake had messages in the world left by other players, such as Dark souls. I would imagine that if it did, a lot of people would suggest that you “shoot the lake”.