/$15/hr Work From Home Virtual Receptionist Job

$15/hr Work From Home Virtual Receptionist Job

Virtual receptionist positions are a great way to earn some money and have the opportunity to work from home. smith.ai is hiring virtual assistants to join the team.

The company is based in the US and is a great choice for people who have experience in the administrative field or people who want to try it. Receptionists will be able to work from home, but depending on the client, they may work with a team of fellow assistants from across the country.

Smith.ai has worked with thousands of clients in IT, law, home improvement, e-commerce, and many other fields.

Why choose Smith.ai?

It’s a way to make some money and get into the race. They have both part-time and full-time positions available. Smith.ai is now a 24/7 business, including weekends. Full time hours are typically 40 hours. A part-time receptionist must be available at least four hours a day, five days a week.

Hours would be divided into blocks of two to five hours and would be scheduled based on clients’ needs. Their goal is to help where they can and support team members who are from military families. Smith.ai contributes annually to organizations like the National Association of Military Families, Operation Homefront, and Hope for the Warriors.


A virtual receptionist must have a laptop or desktop computer with Google Chrome browser installed. The Internet connection must be broadband and reliable. computers You must have at least 10 Mbps download speed and more than 3 Mbps upload speed. A virtual receptionist must have strong typing skills and be able to type a minimum of 45 words per minute.

Applicants will be required to take a typing speed test and score 100% accuracy. The receptionists will have to talk on the phone, but how much will depend on your client. Regardless of how much they talk, Smith.ai wants receptionists to be in a calm environment when they answer and have a headset with microphone attached arm.

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job responsibilities at smith.ai

Some main responsibilities will be answering phones and chatting on the Internet. Answering phones can be one of the main responsibilities and taking notes during those phone calls will also be extremely important. Assistants also need to know how to transfer those phone calls to their customers in case it’s a serious enough person on the other line.

Booking clients’ appointments and knowing their hours would also be an important responsibility to take on. Depending on the client, you may also be in charge of collecting payments from people on behalf of your client.

Assistants will need to have a good understanding of their client’s business so that they can either get the correct answer from the client or be able to point them to where they can find the answer they are looking for. Smith.ai is in need of a receptionist who will be a good addition to the staff and contribute immediately. A virtual receptionist will also do better if she is comfortable working as a member of a team!

additional skills

It is also best for attendees to have the following:

  • Excellent work ethic and professional attitude.
  • Some previous experience answering calls or receptionist.
  • Good communication skills and try to keep a positive attitude.

They also have to be excellent at summarizing details. Sometimes a customer doesn’t have time to get all the information from a meeting or call, so the receptionist’s job would be to summarize it.

Sometimes clients may have time problems to do something. Therefore, attendees may be asked to do something quickly and must be able to work well under pressure.


Virtual receptionists now earn $15 per hour.

As for bilingual agents, if they are in the US, the starting rate is 16/hour for those who are fluent in English and Spanish. If you are outside of the US, starting pay is $11 per hour.

Smith.ai pays weekly. The increases are granted based on the permanence in the company and the performance of its workers.


  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Retirement
  • cash bonuses
  • paid training
  • advancement opportunities

How to apply with Smith.ai

Smith.ai requires new applicants to complete an online screening form before proceeding with their application process. When applying, applicants must use the Google Chrome Internet browser. If you don’t have one, they have a link to the Google Chrome download screen.

When you are ready, go here to apply!

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Last words

Smith.ai is looking for help to fill some positions in his company. Smith.ai connects your employees with clients who need help from a virtual receptionist to work from home.

It’s nice that even though the roles are work from home, they can still have a team feel. Having the option to go full or part time allows applicants to choose which option works best for them.

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