/Post Office Super RD Plan 2023: You will get 8 lakh 13 thousand 238 by depositing Rs 5000, know from here

Post Office Super RD Plan 2023: You will get 8 lakh 13 thousand 238 by depositing Rs 5000, know from here

Post Office Super RD Plan 2023:- If you deposit Rs 5,000 every month in the Post Office’s 5-year recurring deposit scheme, after five years you will earn a net return of 16%. After 10 years, your net return will be more than 35% and you will earn Rs 8.13 lakh at maturity.

Super RD Correos 2023 Plan – This plan is very beneficial for those who want to earn more money in less time and with less investment. The special thing about post office details (post office 5000 scheme) is that you get more money with good returns in the future.

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The Post Office Recurring Deposit Fixed Deposit is a fixed deposit where you must deposit a fixed amount every month for 5 years. Your full amount and full money are returned after completing the 5 years of tenure. You can open your account at any branch. These are the rules for opening an account, depositing and withdrawing money.

how much interest will be received

Currently, you are earning the benefit of interest at a rate of 5.8 percent on the 5-year RD from the post office. You have to invest at least Rs 100 in this scheme. In this, you can also open a single account. Along with this, 3 adults can also open a joint account simultaneously.

Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme Benefits

You can earn good profit by making small investments in this post office recurring deposit scheme. The recurring deposit (RD) earns 5.8 percent interest, which is much better than the FD. Under this Rs 5000 Post Office Brokerage, you can earn a lot by investing just Rs 100 daily.

Post Office Super RD Plan: Count from Rs 100

You can open an account by depositing a minimum of Rs 100 in the post office details. Above this, how much can you deposit? There is no limit to the maximum ocean. Just keep in mind that for the next 5 years you will have to deposit the amount every month. One more thing, the amount you are making should be going in assets of Rs 10. 5.8 per cent interest is being received on this default right now. Along with this, the government of India announces the interest rate on all its small savings plans on a quarterly basis. A minimum investment of Rs 100 can be made with the consent of the Post Office. Apart from this, the returns are also available as per the fixed interest prescribed for this scheme.

Deposit ₹5000 to get 8 lakhs: Post Office Super RD Plan 2023

Currently (as of January 2023), interest at a rate of 5.8 percent is charged on the post office statement account. After each quarter, the government announces new targets to be achieved for all Post Office Department savings schemes. But, the interest rate from January to March 2023 has remained at 5.8 percent, the same as in the previous quarter. The capitalization of the amount deposited in RD is calculated on the balance at the end of each month. But it is added to your earnings at the end of each quarter. Other than this, your money cycle continues to rise at a rapid rate. post office super rd plan 2023

Post Office Super Plan RD 2023

If you deposit Rs 5 lakhs every month, according to peso calculation, after 5 years at a salary rate of 5.8 per cent, you will get a total of Rs 3 lakh 48,480. Consequently, your total amount will be Rs 3 lakh and you will get 16% cash back. Post office RD 5000 per month by accounting rules, this Toyota can be depreciated for 5 more years and in this case after 10 years you will get a total of Rs 8,13,232. This realization will bring your net worth to Rs 6 lakh and then the net return will be more than 35%.

Loan facility will be available after 2 months: Post Office Super RD Plan 2023

If a person has a Pravasi Sagar (RD) account, then after depositing one year’s RD, the account holder also gets the loan facility and can easily apply for the loan as per the requirements of the account holder. (Ask for a loan from the post office). After taking the loan, you can easily deposit the loan amount in a lump sum or in installments. Apart from this, the interest rate of the loan granted will be 2 percent more than the rate of return. In addition, if the loan is not deposited before maturity, the full loan amount along with interest will be deducted at maturity, and the balance amount will be paid to the account holder.