/Legitimate online translation jobs for bilingual professionals

Legitimate online translation jobs for bilingual professionals

As time has passed, we have seen more and more remote job postings for those who are fluent in more than one language. Bilingual jobs from home are on the rise. One industry that is experiencing an uptick is translation jobs from home.

Home translator jobs can be related to customer service, transcription, or more. You can choose to work for a large company that employs hundreds of remote agents or go out on your own and create your own freelance translation work. As is often the case around here, you get to choose your destination.

How much do online translators earn?

As with any work-at-home job, it can vary greatly depending on your skills, the tasks involved, and who you’re working for. According Glass doorThe average salary for a freelance translator in the US as of January 2020 was around $61,000 annually.

In today’s post, we will talk about some of the biggest companies that frequently offer translation jobs online.

Appen is a well-known name in the work-at-home world for its small task and project based work. They usually offer very flexible hours, although work is not always available. In addition to the search evaluator jobs for which they are perhaps best known, they also offer translator positions.

Lionbridge offers positions very similar to Appen’s. They hire people from all over the world for grading, testing, annotation, translation and interpretation work. As of this writing, Lionbridge freelance translators had the potential to be assigned to projects related to government, telephone, conference translation, medical projects, and more based on their experience.

LanguageLine Solutions almost always hires interpreters. They serve industries such as healthcare, government, insurance, finance, utilities, travel and hospitality, general business, law enforcement, courts, and 911. Their needs cover a wide range of languages ​​and dialects. You will need a dedicated land line and may require a background check and/or drug test.

TextMaster specializes in the written word rather than telephone translation. Your freelance translators and writers can choose from tasks available 24/7 based on their qualifications. Once a project has been successfully submitted, you can claim your earnings via PayPal or Payoneer within 7-14 days. According to the company’s profile on FlexJobs, they currently employ more than 60,000 translators around the world.

CyraCom is looking for qualified telephone interpreters. They specialize in helping people with limited English proficiency purchase essential services, whether it’s calling 9-1-1, booking a ride, or speaking with an insurance agent. CyraCom interpreters are self-employed and can create their own hours.

LSA offers a wide variety of positions, from telephone interpreting to video interpreting. They even offer local and local independent contractor roles. In addition to various languages ​​and dialects, American Sign Language interpreters are also needed. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is required.

Transparent Language has some exciting positions available right now. One of those positions is a freelance language and culture blogger. The person in this role will write online content for professional language learners to help them improve their language and cultural awareness. Posts will be written in both English and the target language.

Verbal Ink is a division of ubiQuis. They need foreign language translators and transcribers.

Rev.com is best known for hiring beginning transcribers, but it also hires those who can translate foreign subtitles. Captioner roles pay $1.50 to $3 per audio/video minute. Payment is currently weekly by PayPal.

Unbabel uses the help of translators to improve AI services. They hire editors to help improve the automatically translated text. They also hire evaluators, annotators, and terminologists.

RWS Moravia specializes in transcribing song lyrics into other languages. They prefer that the self-employed have musical training. The required languages ​​may change at any time. Check their website for current needs.

CACTUS is frequently featured on FlexJobs’ list of top remote companies. In addition to their editing jobs, they also offer freelance translator positions. These translators often work on academic manuscripts, translating from the native language into English. An advanced degree and one year of experience in translation are required.

And this list is just the beginning! You can find additional online translation jobs on Indeed and FlexJobs.

Let’s not forget. You also have the opportunity to attract your own freelance clients by working as a remote translator. Many small businesses could use occasional help in this area. You can also offer it as a virtual assistant or freelance writing service if you don’t want to make it your full-time job.