/Democracy and constitution in danger: V Hanumantha Rao

Democracy and constitution in danger: V Hanumantha Rao

hyderabad: Claiming that Narendra Modi’s government in the Center considered the opposition to be a non-entity, Congress top leader V. Hanumantha Rao said on Wednesday that the country has reached a stage where democracy is threatened and the constitution is not being implemented in letter and spirit.

After an unsuccessful attempt to meet Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan to submit a memorandum demanding a Joint Parliamentary Committee inquiry against Gautam Adani, Rao said he symbolically “handed over” the statue of Dr. BR Ambedkar at Tank Bund.

Rao, accompanied by some other party leaders who went to the Raj Bhavan, said: “We would have presented the representation to the Governor. The absence of him in Raj Bhavan signifies contempt for the Constitution. Therefore, in a symbolic gesture, I presented my representation in the statue of the architect of the Constitution questioning why his Constitution was not being implemented”.

On the demand for a JPC investigation, Rao alleged that there was a deep understanding between Modi and Adani, hence the sufferings of the common man. “Modi is a supporter of the rich, while the poor continue to suffer. With clear support for Modi, people like Adani get rich. They get billions of rupees in loans, while the common man struggles to get even a couple of lakhs,” he lamented.