/Temjen Imna from Nagaland shares fascinating photo

Temjen Imna from Nagaland shares fascinating photo

'The beauty of Kohima': Nagaland's Temjen Imna shares mesmerizing photo

Beautiful night view of Kohima.

Temjen Imna Along, a well-known Nagaland politician and internet celebrity, is known for his wonderful sense of humor and hilarious comments on social media. He regularly updates his fans and followers on his personal life, his own advice and the greatness of his status. Tonight, Mr. Along posted a stunning image of the captivating sight of Kohima, the state capital.

The capital city appears to be incredibly attractive due to the thousands of lights that shine in the dark at night in the image.

Mr Along shared the image with a caption that reads, “The beauty of Kohima.”

The Nagaland minister also posted an image a few hours earlier in the afternoon that will win fans over with its timing and pose.

In his caption, the minister wrote: “To many lens to focus, Magar Mera Timing toh Dekho!” (Too many lenses to focus, but check out my timing.)

The images were posted a short time ago and have already amassed thousands of likes, views, and comments.

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