/Resident Evil 4 merchant is great

Resident Evil 4 merchant is great

I clearly remember the first time I saw the mysterious merchant of resident evil 4. She appears through a window and catches Leon’s eye. Then she goes outside and goes around the back of the building where he is waiting for Leon. He is ready to sell and buy, even in this terrible place. He is the best. But who is he and why can’t he return to the franchise?

Who is the mysterious merchant?

In resident evil 4, León is sent to a small European town to save the president’s daughter. She has been captured and Leon and her amazing hair They are ready to save her. But Leon will need help, and he gets most of his mission’s assistance from a masked merchant. This man will sell weapons, tools, upgrades, and other supplies to Leon. He’ll even buy things for Leon, which is nice of him considering Leon doesn’t really have much local currency with him.

the trader It has no name, or at least we don’t know its name. He is simply known as The Merchant. Beyond his nickname and his profession, selling and buying things, we don’t know much about this man.

It can be assumed from his appearance and voice that he is probably infected with the same parasite that has turned the other villagers in the area into angry and violent people. However, The Merchant is quiet and focused on business. He will sell Leon some impressive weaponry including powerful RPGs, a selection of assault rifles, and numerous small arms.

How do you get these things? Like his name and origin, the game does not tell us. Maybe he just had all this stuff before things went south?

Theories about The Merchant in RE4

However, The Merchant is not here just to sell things. The man has many businesses and interests. for examFor example, he runs a shooting range at the local castle and even awards prizes for high scores. Apparently he also hangs a bunch of medallions around the town and church and dares people to shoot them all to win a gun. Where does he get all the time for this?

Capcom/NTA Game Guide

Other villagers and creatures don’t seem to bother him, he’s never attacked while you’re visiting him or you see any enemies chasing him during a cutscene. It is quite possible that having so many weapons makes you a dangerous target. And probably being infected helps The Merchant stay under the radar too, I guess. But at some point, you’d think the villagers would notice that he sells Leon all the weapons that he then uses to kill the villagers.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that The Merchant is selling these angry people their pitchforks and torches. He seems shady enough to pit both sides against each other. The Merchant is a man without loyalties.

As great as The Merchant is, it has sadly not appeared in any other resident Evil games from RE4. There is another character who is simply known as a trader in resident evil degeneration, but they’re not that great and honestly they should probably stop copying Merchant’s real deal.

As for what happened to the Merchant after the events of Resident Evil 4, well, we have no idea. Capcom has never officially said if he survived or got infected or stayed to sell weapons to more villagers. I know some people believe that he died or completely lost his mind shortly after Leon left. This is very possible, but it would be a sad ending for such a great character.

The Merchant will return in Resident Evil 4′new version

Now after all these years (and some tips on Resident Evil Village...) the iconic and beloved Tradesman returns in the RE4 Redo. From the images we’ve seen of the character so far, he appears to be the same mystery shopkeeper we all know and love.

Mister Andy Drago/Capcom

Will the remake delve deeper into his past or his origins? No idea. While a part of me would love to know a little more about the masked merchant we all adore, another part of me fears that learning too much will irrevocably damage his vibes and make him less than cool.

But maybe Capcom could at least include a hint about what happens to The Merchant after the events of RE4. That might be a nice thing to include in the remake that wouldn’t ruin its mysterious origins.

Regardless of what happened to the guy or where he came from, I will never forget you, Merchant.

Besides, if any of you kill this man, I’ll be really disappointed in you. I mean, I killed him once. But that was just to see if could do it. What can you I quickly turned off the console and never did it again. If you did it again, you’re the real monster.

This article was originally published on 03/19/2019.