/PS Plus March update is big, adding games like Ghostwire, Uncharted, and Street Fighter V

PS Plus March update is big, adding games like Ghostwire, Uncharted, and Street Fighter V

Another month, another chance for Sony to convince you to keep your Subscription to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium (or to register). And this month the lineup is strong enough for me to stay. More than a dozen games are being added, including three classics and some great triple-A games like Ghostwire: TokyoRage 2 and Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

The PS Plus subscription service is regularly expanded every month with new games. And March 2023 is no different. However, keep in mind that PS Plus It changed last year and now comes in three levels: Essential, Extra and Premium which cost $10, $15, and $18 per month, respectively. Essential is the basic PS Plus plan and gives you access to the free monthly games. Extra provides that, and also access to the catalog of PS Plus games, aka Sony’s answer to Game Pass. Finally, Premium gives you all of that, plus access to streaming classic PlayStation games and titles, including PS1 and PSP games.

Today, Sony announced all the games. will be added to the PS Plus game catalog later this month. All these titles will arrive on March 21. To play them and continue to enjoy the rest of the subscription service catalog in the future, you will need to maintain a subscription to PS Plus Extra or Premium.

Here’s the full list of games coming later this month:

  • Uncharted Collection: Legacy of Thieves
  • Bye
  • Rainbow Six Extraction
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo
  • Life is Strange: True Colors
  • Fenyx Rising Immortals
  • life is strange 2
  • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
  • Street Fighter V: Championship Edition
  • Untitled Goose Game
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
  • rage 2
  • Neo: The world ends with you
  • Shelter

This is a nice list filled with some really great games, like Untitled Goose Game, Life is Strange: True Colors, and the Unexplored collection. And though it may not be the better I play in the world, I liked it a lot rage 2 and its crazy open world shooter campaign.

Meanwhile, Premium members will also get three new classic PlayStation games. They are:

  • Ridge Racer type 4 (PS1)
  • ape academy 2 (PSP)
  • Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror (PSP)

Not sure who at Sony is deciding to fill the PS Plus Classics catalog with siphon filter games, but I would like to meet them and give them a hug. I used to love these when I was younger and playing them again in 2023 made me wonder if the world is ready for a new felt siphonA. If Kratos can have a big, fancy reboot, why can’t super-agent Gabe Logan?