/How to make money on Amazon

How to make money on Amazon

There are some websites today that offer unlimited potential to earn money online. Amazon is one of those sites. Whether you’re looking for a little more to spend or replace your full-time job, here are some of the best ways to make money on Amazon.

(In addition to using Amazon’s website to earn extra money, you can get a real job with the company, and even still work from home! Check out my ultimate guide to Amazon jobs from home.)

As a blogger, I love the Amazon affiliate program. As an affiliate, also known as an Associate, you earn a commission on most of the sales you refer to the site. Depending on the product category, you can earn from 0% to 10%. Amazon also has several “Rewards” opportunities where you can earn a flat fee of $3 to $25 for referring people to sign up. MajorAmazon Student, Audible, Baby & Wedding Registries and more.

Chris Guthrie, Pot Pie Girl, and Tiffany Dow are three people who really made me discover the potential of the Amazon Associates program, where I learned how to increase my earnings year after year.

In the past, I’ve interviewed Cynthia Stine, who was able to build a business worth over $40,000 a year in just ten hours a week selling things on Amazon. This opportunity for the seller eliminates the need to deal with shipping and returns. You send the things you want to sell to the Amazon warehouse and they take care of the selling process.

That being said, product selection is key. Ship a bunch of stuff that never sells and you may end up paying storage fees. Fortunately, The Selling Family has some really great courses that cover all aspects of the FBA process, including special holidays and deleting categories.

This is a new Amazon vertical that allows brands and creatives to upload their designs to the site to sell as t-shirts. There is very little risk involved with this type of sales model, since no upfront payment is required, but competition can be high and you may need to spend some money on advertising if you don’t have a large following of your own. This opportunity has been so popular that you will need to apply for an invite now.

This new vertical was promoted as an alternative to Etsy. As a seller, Amazon allows you to sell your handmade products on the site. In some cases, you can even have them listed as Prime and FBA items. Reviews about Handmade are mixed. Apparently “handmade” items don’t need to meet Etsy’s strict requirements. There’s also no one-on-one customer support aspect that comes with Etsy. Amazon is very much a mass retailer connecting individual buyers and sellers who may never cross paths again. That’s not going away with Handmade.

Mechanical Turk, or mTurk, isn’t necessarily what I would consider one of the best ways to make money on Amazon, but it is one way nonetheless. This crowdsourcing site has been around since before I started working from home in 2007 and allows workers to earn money by completing small tasks. Most of the things I’ve done here in the past were transcriptions, data entry, categorization. It is often a mindless job that takes only a few minutes to complete. The salary reflects that. You won’t get a living wage on mTurk, but it can be a fun way to pass the time if there’s nothing good on TV.

For a long time, the Amazon Kindle was the way to go if you wanted to self-publish an eBook. There are no upfront fees involved. Amazon simply takes a cut of each sale; you get 35% to 70% depending on the listing. Since Amazon owns CreateSpace, it may also make hard copies available.

Self-publishing is not as difficult as it seems. You can handle much of the process yourself and outsource the editing and design to Fiverr.

Amazon’s exchange program doesn’t offer cash, but you get paid in gift cards for select used books, video games, and electronics. One thing I really like as an Amazon customer is that they let me know when something I’ve bought on Amazon has trade-in value. The day I wrote this post, I was able to trade in one of my books for $6.04. And I did it! I’m done with the book. It wasn’t one I took notes on. I buy a lot on Amazon. I can use that store credit.

amazon exchange

Same day delivery is hot right now. We don’t want to wait for anything these days! 😉 Amazon is just starting to roll out same-day delivery in select metro areas. Flex will allow them to take advantage of the availability of people like you to make those deliveries.

You’ll need a car, a smartphone, and an Amazon account to make Flex deliveries. The company currently sets pay at $18 to $25 per hour with a heavy emphasis on flexibility and hour availability.

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Amazon is one of many online retailers that employs a virtual workforce. As an Amazon Work-from-Home Customer Service Associate, you’ll earn a base salary of $10 per hour. Full-time and part-time opportunities are available in Arizona, Kentucky, Texas, West Virginia, Delaware, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Virginia. These positions are largely seasonal and have the potential to become permanent.

If you’re an avid RV’er with a mobile lifestyle, Amazon CamperForce could be a great opportunity for you to earn some cash! Amazon will pay your camp fees (plus most utilities) if you travel to your designated camp for work during the holiday season, from early fall through December 23. As a member of Amazon’s CamperForce, you’ll spend three to four months picking, packing, stowing and receiving orders and merchandise. They don’t advertise their salary, but they do state that they are “good wages” and that you get a shift differential depending on which shift you work. If you work overtime, you will be paid time and a half; you can also earn a completion bonus by working the entire season through December 23rd. That’s all on top of having pay for most of your living costs! And you can also earn referral bonuses.

11. Amazon Vine

This is not an actual exchange of cash but of goods. Amazon’s Most Trusted Reviewers Are Invited To vine voices Schedule for a chance to receive free products in exchange for leaving a review on the site. This is an invite-only program offered to those who leave frequent feedback that the Amazon community finds most helpful.

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12. Amazon Services

Amazon has its hand in every pie these days, including the local services marketplace! If you offer professional services like handyman, cleaning, and more, you might be able to get an invite to the exclusive Amazon Services community. There are no fees up front. Instead, Amazon takes a 15-20% cut when customers refer it to it.

13. Amazon Influencers

I’m a big fan of the new Amazon Influencers program. You don’t need a blog or website for this affiliate opportunity, just an engaged following on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Once approved, you will be provided with a virtual store where you can add your favorite Amazon products. Then you can easily share your Influencer page on social media with your new mnemonic URL. (Ex. Mine is https://www.amazon.com/shop/angienelson.) You can then earn a commission on sales of qualifying products once someone clicks through and visits your store.

Commission rates are said to be similar to Amazon Associates. And if you have an Associate account, these two can be linked for easy reporting. There are some great features with Influencers that aren’t available through the Associates program:

  • You can share your page URL within emails (Yay!)
  • Fashion Influencers can earn product giveaways, sponsorships and more.
  • You can share Amazon coupon codes on social media
  • and more

This program is not available to everyone, but if you have a large following on social media, it’s worth a try! apply here.

Those are some of my favorite ways to make money on Amazon. I would love to hear how you have benefited from the site.