/Fortnite Dev Epic Claims People Like Crypto Games On Their Store

Fortnite Dev Epic Claims People Like Crypto Games On Their Store

The enthusiasm for the blockchain is not as energetic as it was before someone hijacked robotic chicken co-creator Seth Green is embarrassing, supposedly non-fungible tokenor before the last year of high profile scams and monumental accidents. But Fortnite developer Epic says people like crypto-based games enough that they live on its store. Sometimes they even play those games, the general manager of the Epic Store group, Steve Allison. says Axios.

Granted, that’s not the highest praise, but it could be worse for cryptocurrency-based games, Epic’s ugly duckling. There are currently five of them, including the free download one. role playing game chain monsters and Roblox-style blank block partywhich I wrote it down accurately in September. it looks horrible”. The latter, which was the first cryptocurrency game to hit the Epic Games Store, is “pretty well played,” said Allison, who seems to channel the same amount of lukewarm passion that you’d get when talking about how cold it’s been lately. He has However, it has been a bit cold lately.

CenterOpaquely described on the Epic Store as “a metaverse of free-to-play games and worlds to explore designed by a global community of creators,” , is doing “pretty well” in terms of traffic, Allison said, and it is also free download. All of these games make money by integrating NFT items into the game, often in the form of cosmetics or game currency. They work similar to traditional “pay to win” games, except those rooted in crypto tend to be less attractive and fun Or interesting and satisfyingetc

It’s easy to lower your standards when you’re already in too deep. Valve NFT games banned from Steam in 2021and Epic decided to go crypto-official in 2022. The developer is now determined to stick with it, planning to distribute nearly 20 additional crypto-backed games through early 2024. Elsewhere in games, The Pokémon Company is also planning its crypto-supported games. companies, posting a list of jobs that require “deep knowledge and understanding of Web 3” last week.

And, you know, there’s another side to this. “Let’s be honest about what was really going on there,” Epic founder Tim Sweeney said. Axios about crypto bans from other online marketplaces. “The other stores aren’t blocking crypto games because they think ‘crypto’ equals ‘bad,'” is evidenced by the fact that those stores “distribute all kinds of bad stuff” anyway.

“They just want to collect their 30% fees and they are blocking everyone who disagrees,” he said. That seems fine to me.