/Amazingly Easy Ways to Get Paid for Watching Videos

Amazingly Easy Ways to Get Paid for Watching Videos

If you love TV and movies, the idea of ​​getting paid to watch videos might seem like a dream come true.

Well, it’s time to wake up to a great new money making opportunity! The truth is that you can make money watching videos, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Generally speaking, there are three different types of companies that will pay you to watch videos: media companies (like Netflix), online companies (like Swagbucks), and apps. Some of these opportunities are things you could do in your spare time, while others can pay a significant amount or even become your full-time job.

Which of these will be right for you?

Watch videos online and earn with media companies

Do you love Netflix? Who does not? If you’re a super fan of the streaming media company, guess what: Netflix will occasionally hire people to be their “tagging”. The taggers are responsible for viewing content on Netflix and tagging them with the correct content notes. This helps Netflix keep its huge inventory tidy… and helps improve suggestions for its viewers. If you’ve ever liked (or hated) a Netflix-recommended show or movie, you can thank (or blame) the taggers; If you’re lucky enough to land one of these labeling jobs, you’ll have the opportunity to do even better. You can keep an eye on their (massive) job board here.

Nielsen is a major media company that spends a lot of time, among other things, studying Americans’ television viewing habits. If you’re in the US and your household is randomly selected to be a Nielsen family, you have a new opportunity to earn money by watching the TV programming you want. Do you get paid to do something you were going to do anyway? There is nothing better than that. Be on the lookout for your invitation, as you will receive an email if you are selected. There is no app.

Join a panel it’s another way to get paid to watch TV and other media. The National Consumer Panel from time to time runs panels that will pay you to track your media usage, including television. You won’t earn more than a couple hundred dollars a year doing a panel, but it’s also easy money and interesting work. Plus, it’s a couple hundred bucks that you wouldn’t have any other way.

The entertainment industry will occasionally hire television viewers to keep your eyes peeled for interesting clips to include on specific TV shows (think late-night TV shows and other clip-oriented programming). Pay typically starts around $8 an hour, and if this interests you, you can start exploring entertainment industry job boards (like this) using the search term “TV Watcher” to see what you can find.

Online companies that pay you to watch TV

This is usually not the fast track to real money, but if you enjoy browsing the web and watching interesting videos, you might as well get paid to do so! Here are some good ones that will pay you more than a fraction of a cent per view:

swagbucks It’s by far my favorite way to make money watching videos online, and that’s because I love pretty much everything SwagBucks does. You can earn SB for every video (or collection of videos) you watch, and many of the videos available on his video channel are really interesting. Redeem your Swagbucks for cash, gift cards, or merchandise when you’re ready to cash out.

Inbox Dollars is another web-based rewards company that includes a video component. There are tons of different ways to earn money in your free time with Inbox Dollars, and adding video viewing to your tasks can take your bottom line even further.

Do you like those all-in-one money-making websites? Try QuickRewards, a survey company that also pays you to watch videos, play games, and more. The more dedicated you are, the more you will earn! And here’s another: Creation Rewards. Right now new members get a $5 sign up bonus!

Watch videos and earn money with a smartphone app

It’s no surprise that there are quite a few apps that pay you to watch videos.

First, I have to mention the Swagbucks app. You can earn SB using their app on your phone for quick and easy earnings.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but these are the opportunities I’ve researched for you (and even used them myself). That his favorite way to earn money watching videos?

Published August 2017. Updated May 2020.