/National Immunization Day March 16, 2023: History, Theme, Meaning and everything you need to know

National Immunization Day March 16, 2023: History, Theme, Meaning and everything you need to know

The purpose of designating March 16 as National Immunization Day in India is to recognize and show appreciation for the dedication of frontline healthcare professionals who work to ensure that all children receive vaccinations. India has made impressive strides towards increasing routine vaccination through more aggressive vaccination campaigns.

With the immunization of more than 324 million children between 2017 and 2020 through MR vaccination campaigns, the nation is moving towards the elimination of measles and rubella.

National Immunization Day March 16, 2023: History

What is vaccination/immunization?

An easy, safe, and reliable method of preventing dangerous infections before you are exposed to them is vaccination. It boosts your immune system and builds your body’s natural defenses against particular infections.

Vaccines train your immune system to make antibodies, just like it does when you’re exposed to a disease. However, because vaccines only include killed or weakened versions of bacteria or viruses, they do not actually cause the disease or increase the risk of developing its symptoms.

Theme for National Immunization Day 2023

To commemorate World Immunization Day, different themes are used each year. Promoting the value of the vaccine is the main goal of National Immunization Week. This year, the theme for National Immunization Day 2023 is “Vaccines Work for Everyone.”

The campaign will highlight how vaccines and the people who make, deliver and receive them are heroes as they work to keep everyone healthy everywhere.

India Vaccination History

Modern vaccines were invented in India in the 19th century. India first made the Bacille Calmette Guerin (BCG) vaccine available to combat tuberculosis more than 51 years ago. In 1978, a strengthened program was launched that included DPT and typhoid vaccines.

National Immunization Day March 16, 2023: History

(Diphtheria, Whooping cough, Tetanus). The Universal Immunization Plan (UIP), which was implemented in stages, was created in 1985 after the program itself underwent certain changes.

Importance of National Immunization Day

On this day, March 16, 1995, the first dose of oral polio vaccine was administered in India. The world’s largest vaccine campaign has been taking place in India to combat the CoVID-19 epidemic ever since it arrived, making this year’s National Immunization Day particularly noteworthy.

Facts about vaccinations in India

UIP launched Mission Indradhanush in December 2014 to improve the health of mothers and children who are not vaccinated.

The mission to intensify the Indradhanush immunization campaign was launched in 2019.

Mission stepped up Indradhanush hopes to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of preventing preventable child deaths by 2030.