/Inspirational Prayer Works Wallpaper – Sarah Titus

Inspirational Prayer Works Wallpaper – Sarah Titus

Are you holding onto a prayer in your heart today that hasn’t been answered yet?

If so, as a believer we can be SURE that God answers all our prayers. He maybe he says no, maybe he is yes, maybe he says wait, but he answers our every prayer!

You do not believe me?

Start keeping a prayer journal. Keep track of all of his prayers, and as He answers them, cross them off his list.

It will become very apparent to you over time, He cares about everything that is in your heart and He answers us. He is not a silent God in some corner of the universe. He is here in our hearts, working, loving, directing, and guiding.

Your prayers are safe with Him. Your prayer works! James 5:16.

To remind you to keep holding on to your precious prayer and never give up until He answers it, I created this beautiful prayer works inspirational wallpaper for you. Download it for free below!!

inspirational prayer works wallpaper

You can access the wallpapers below to remember the power of prayer, as well as share this gift of Christ with the world!

You will get 4K HD quality wallpapers for your phone, iPad, desktop, laptop, Instagram and Facebook cover photos. You also have a pin for Pinterest at the bottom that you can share too!

Need help saving them to your device? Click here for the full tutorial.

Phone (1849 x 3798 pixels):

Prayer Works-Telephone

Laptop (2550 x 2048 pixels):

Prayer Works-Portable

Instagram (2550 x 2550 pixels):

Prayer Works-Instagram

Large computer (2550 x 1435 px):

sentence works-big computer

Facebook Cover (2550 x 948 px):

Prayer Works-Facebook

Pinterest Cover (2702 x 1548 px):

Works of prayer-Pinterest