/Home Business Idea – Start a Dog Treat Bakery

Home Business Idea – Start a Dog Treat Bakery

I’m always interested in “outside the box” ways to start a side business or make money. So when I started reading about how Kristin Larsen started her dog treat bakery business out of her house and eventually turned it into five figures a month, I wanted to know more!

In today’s post, I share some details about Kristin and what she accomplished, some things to think about before deciding to start a dog treat business, and how you can sign up for her free workshop that gives you so much. more details.

Yes, Kristin has an eCourse that teaches you how to do it by following the exact steps she took to make this successful business venture a reality, but it won’t be for everyone.

The free workshop is what you should do first to decide if you think a dog bakery business would be right for you.

About Kristin

Kristin Larsen is someone I’ve been familiar with for a number of years. In addition to running a successful dog bakery business, she also made money managing Pinterest accounts for other people as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

I was aware of the Pinterest VA part of your entrepreneurial journey and have shared information in the past about the resources you have to teach others to do that too.

However, I didn’t know much about his dog treat bakery business venture, and when I read more about it, all I could think of was how it’s a unique idea for a business, something not everyone is doing, either ( not many competition is a good thing).

At first, Kristin was doing her dog treat business, primarily selling at local farmers markets and on Etsy, but she eventually built it into a five-figure business. Her treats from her were even offered in Emmy goodie bags one year!

Why would anyone want homemade treats vs. Store bought?

You might wonder why someone would pay you to bake treats for their dogs when they can just go to the grocery store and buy something.

While the grocery store and what they offer is very, very convenient, we all know how much people love to pamper their dogs.

And we also know that in recent years, people love homemade and natural foods with natural, unprocessed ingredients. And this extends not only to people, but also to our pets!

Many people love the idea of ​​rewarding their pets with something baked with more attention and care instead of something mass produced.

Even if it’s just an occasional gift, people willpower spend money on this sometimes. Especially if you can create something that looks appetizing for your pet and has attractive packaging.

Is there really a big market for dog treats?

Yes. Consumers spend millions of dollars each year on dog treats, and a large part of this comes from “all natural” foods and treats.

In fact, people are spending more money on their pets since the pandemic as many are forced to work at home and are closer to their pets than ever before.

So people want and need this!

Is it expensive to start?

In general, you can start quite small. You use your own kitchen and invest in some ingredients, bakeware, packaging, etc. Some of these things you can use things you already have.

You should also see how to obtain a business license, and it is important to check the laws in your area regarding the preparation and sale of food made in your home kitchen.

Even if you’re just cooking for pets, there are still different regulations revolving around food made and sold in your home, which will vary depending on where you live.

Other things to think about with a dog bakery business

Of course, you will need to promote yourself to start making money. You don’t necessarily have to have a website starting out.

It’s best to just use your social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook would be better to start with) and post attractive photos of the treats you make.

Share social media constantly so people don’t forget who you are and invite your friends and family to share. The better you can make your photos, the more interested people will be.

According to Kristin, it’s not that hard to make $500-$1,000 per month doing this alone on the side. And it can be a full-time job if you have the time to fully invest it.

If you are interested in learning more…

If you want to know details about this, just sign up for Kristin’s free workshop. There are no strings attached and it will help you decide if she should enroll in her full eCourse.

In the workshop, Kristin gives you more details on a dog treat bakery business and what it takes to get it up and running.

In the full eCourse, you’ll gain access to the EXACT steps she took to make it a profitable business for her, including:

  • Pet Treat Recipes
  • Legal constitution of a company
  • Attractive presentation of your delicacies
  • Packaging and shipping treatments
  • A pricing structure to make it easy to price your treats
  • Where to sell your sweets
  • How to accept payments
  • How to promote your business

Also included are bonuses like how to create nutrition labels, a dog treat recipe book, and 30 days of free access to the Diva Dog Bakery Facebook group, which will help you a lot because you can chat with other people enrolled in the course. . and ask questions.

where to start

Go here to sign up for the free workshop, or here to read about the course (a payment plan is available to make the course cheaper if you can’t buy everything at once).

Good luck if you decide to give it a try!