/Dead Island 2 Devs Think ‘Development Hell’ Wasn’t Actually That Bad

Dead Island 2 Devs Think ‘Development Hell’ Wasn’t Actually That Bad

An image from Dead Island 2 showing the player character, with an electrified sword in his right hand, choking a zombie.

Image: Dambuster Studios

dead island 2he The zombie RPG that passed through so many hands that someone left it in the development oven for over a decade is finally out on April 21. This is a week ahead of schedule, which we love to see. What’s funny, though, is that developer Dambuster Studios is saying that the game’s development gave the studio “quite a bit of goodwill in the end.”

In case you forget, dead island 2 it was announced at E3 2014, and work reportedly began sometime in 2012. dying light Techland studio was originally set to spearhead the project, but wanted to focus on dying light instead. This prompted publisher Deep Silver to look for a developer to lead dead island 2 until Special Ops: The Line the creators Yager Development stepped up. Yager worked hard on dead island 2 for a few years, and the game made a couple of convention appearances after it was announced in 2014. Unfortunately, Yager didn’t stick around. deep silver dropped out of study in July 2015, leaving dead island 2 lifeless until Hood: Outlaws and Legends Studio Sumo Digital took over development in March 2016. Again, like Yager, Sumo didn’t stick around long. Deep Silver changed development hands once again, this time putting the game in the lap of Homefront: The Revolution creator Dambuster Studios. If you lost track, this means dead island 2 it has been worked on by at least four different studios throughout its more than a decade of development.

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Development hell resulted in some goodwill

Now, Dambuster Studios claims to CVG interview that after all this shuffling and rebooting, dead island 2Development hell wasn’t too bad.

“It definitely worried us at first,” technical director Dan Evans-Lawes said. “I remember when we took on the project, I was thinking ‘Is this a poisoned chalice?’ You know what I mean? However, I think once we announced the game, people were interested because they knew it had been in “development hell” for a long time, and I think people expected it to be terrible, so we were pleasantly surprised when it was released. ‘t. And I feel like it’s actually given us a lot of goodwill in the end. But that obviously depends on people liking the game. But as long as they do, which I think they will, then I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all.”

dead island 2 it was a total reset for Dambuster

With going through so many hands, it would be correct to assume that dead island 2 it was rebooted once Dambuster Studios got it. It was, although not everything was thrown away. Some things, like the Los Angeles location, remained intact. Most of everything else, however, was rebuilt from scratch.

“It was basically a complete reset,” Evans-Lawes said. “Obviously there were some things that had already been communicated, the [Los Angeles] setting and stuff like that, and when we looked at it, the setting was something we definitely wanted to keep. We felt like it was an opportunity to have a really crazy and diverse cast of characters, and it’s also a very iconic place, so obviously we wanted to keep that. Other than that, it was totally from scratch.”

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my city reached out to Deep Silver for comment.

In some way, dead island 2 could be considered a normally developed game under typical circumstances. I mean, Dambuster Studios apparently started working on the game in August 2019, shortly before the global pandemic affected the development of a large number of games. Despite the challenges that development brings, especially under the effects of a widespread health crisis, dead island 2, under Dambuster Studios, has only been in the oven for almost four years. That’s not a bad timeline. It’s crazy that Dambuster Studios is hinting that development hell, in a roundabout way, helped them. You know, if the game ends up being good.