/9 Of The Burning Questions About The Resident Evil 4 Remake On The Internet, Answered

9 Of The Burning Questions About The Resident Evil 4 Remake On The Internet, Answered

Leon Kennedy points a gun.

Image: Capcom

We’re less than two weeks away from playing Capcom’s glorious repaint of its iconic third-person shooter, resident evil 4originally released in 2005. Although breathless questions on sites like Reddit, Quora, and Twitter suggest that the new version is still operating from the mysterious shadows, there’s a lot we know for sure.

we have been accumulating film trailers and game footage as surface runoff in the past few months since the game was announced in 2022. Fans are also getting comfortable with the playable demo that dropped last week, modding on bananas and a dewy, shirtless leading man, Leon S. Kennedy, and shit. But people online can’t go to sleep with a clear conscience. They need to know even more. And that’s fine, I’ll answer nine frequently asked questions RE4 questions, you just have to keep reading.

When is the resident evil 4 is the remake coming out?

Starting easy, I see. March 24th.

That consoles willpower RE4 be in?

controversially, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Not Xbox One. Doesn’t make much sense considering that PS4 compatibility prevents the game from truly being “next-gen.” But that’s what we’re working with until Capcom announces otherwise.

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are the RE4 luxury extras no good? What am I missing from the sold out collector’s edition?

The deluxe edition of the remake includes the following downloadable contentaccording he resident Evil website:

  • Leon and Ashley “casual” outfits (Leon wears a bomber jacket)
  • Leon and Ashley “romantic” costumes (Leon looks like he’s in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • “Hero” Leon outfit and filter (Leon looks like he’s in The princess Bride; the filter makes the game look like it was generated by Instagram)
  • Leon “villain” outfit and filter (you’ll usually confuse Leon with Criss Angel from 2005; the game is blood red)
  • “Sporty” Leon sunglasses (speaks for itself)
  • Pistol “Sentinel Nine”
  • Pistol “Skull Shaker”
  • treasure map expansion
  • interchangeable original soundtrack

Some $250 Collector’s Edition buyers are in order fulfillment limbo, and GameStop recently canceled a “significant number” of pre-orders. But in addition to the additional DLC pack content described above, they would have received:

  • The game and a steel box.
  • A lion figurine
  • an art book
  • An obtusely described “special map”
  • A metallic-looking “collector’s box”
  • digital soundtrack

Personally, I don’t think either edition is worth your time, but if you start to get jealous of your deluxe friends, the additional DLC pack will be available to purchase separately when the game goes on sale on March 24.

The following pre-order bonuses apply to both Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition purchases:

  • golden briefcase
  • classic briefcase
  • Gun Ammo Charm
  • green grass charm

Retail buyers will be able to redeem their coupon codes at any time, and PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Steam buyers have until March 23 at 11:59 p.m. ET to qualify for the bonuses.

These extras, as far as I know, won’t be purchasable outside of their promo window, but aside from allowing me to type “added” for what I think are the most back-to-back moments of my life, I don’t find them overly exciting either. you could enjoy the game’s inventory system more than me. But we can get an illegal resident evil 4 preorder the weapon instead?

Some fans of the series say that it is much more action-dense. resident evil 4 Least resident Evil game, so in that sense it’s a perfect place to start. The returning characters and basic premise, marred by illness, allow it to interact comfortably with previous games, but newcomers won’t need much context to immerse themselves in, especially with the remake’s revamped gameplay and graphics.

The remake will be not be cutting any content from the original, just modifying or adding to it, so in that sense, yes. But the disagreements are in the details, and fans’ interpretation of the tone, look and feel of the original will decide for them how “true” the game is to them. For example, people were deeply unhappy with thick raindrops that they saw in a February gameplay trailer. More faithful rain, the people demand.

A genius misstep by the developer saw, in the original game, the president’s daughter and companion Ashley take over some of Leon’s animations, allowing him to occasionally unleash the fury of a teenage girl. and suplex enemies.

I would love for this to happen on purpose, but resident Evil WWE is probably losing Ashley in the remake. Some confirmed changes to the companion include no more health bar and a business casual blazer, both of which I think should make her feel less like a stereotypical, garish damsel in distress.

Ashley Graham sits in a dark room.

Image: Capcom

It’s altering Ashley’s outfit, removing suggestive dialogue, and sorry I just need to hold my vomit for a second, upskirts (like Resident Evil 4 VR already did it in 2021) an act of puritanical and liberal hive mind censorship?!

According to the definition of censorship: “whenever some people manage to impose their personal political or moral values ​​on others”, the ACLU says-Sure I guess?!

But I don’t think saying “censorship” is more appropriate than acknowledging Capcom’s changes as an inevitable part of the remake process, another part of the developer trying to make the game less alienating to modern audiences. You can also play one of the many re-releases from the original “uncensored” game, if it really is that important to you, or try to reflect on why you so desperately need a video game crumb.

What can the remake do to be Even better than the original?

Make horny boys cry.