/The Resident Evil 4 Remake demo has some great secrets

The Resident Evil 4 Remake demo has some great secrets

The Resident Evil 4 artwork shows Leon and Ashley standing side by side.

Image: Capcom

Last week, Capcom released a demo for its next remake from the classic 2005 third-person horror game, resident evil 4. And while the demo is pretty small, fans have found a hidden weapon and other hidden secrets in this little taster of things to come later this month.

I pounced on the demo the moment it went live. After playing once, I left very excited to experience more. resident evil 4 Redo. Unsurprisingly, the short demo, now available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, reminded me a lot of the original, but it looked and played differently enough to re-experience one of my own games. favorites. games again. But I didn’t touch it much beyond that run. As it turns out, it was a mistake, as this small slice of the upcoming horror remake has some cool secrets to uncover. So you might want to head back in to start digging, or just keep reading.

How to unlock the RE4 demo hidden mode

The first cool secret, discovered by Twitter shortly after the demo landed, is an exclusive special difficulty option: Mad Chainsaw Mode. However, I thought people were trolling or making up creepypasta-like nonsense at first, since would reportedly just appear randomly for gamers But no, Mad Chainsaw Mode is not some weird hoax, but a real part of the demo. And based on the text that appears when activated, this stealth mode won’t be in the full game, so it appears to be just a fun little secret for demo players.

More recently, people have also discovered that you can actually manually activate this super secret hard mode through a simple cheat code. Simply highlight the “Main Story” option in the opening menu and hold L1 and R1 (or LB and RB on Xbox or shift and space on PC). Then enter this code:

PS4/PS5: Up, Left, Down, Right, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, X

Xbox Series X/S: Up, Left, Down, Right, X, Y, B, A, A

(Note: some players report that the PC code is finicky and prone to not working when using a keyboard.)

If you do this correctly, you will unlock the option to start Mad Chainsaw mode. Just keep in mind that the enemies on this difficulty are much stronger, they spawn in different locations, and there are no checkpoints. So if you die, you start over from the beginning. There’s also been a change to the chainsaw-wielding boss you meet in town, but I won’t spoil everything…

How to find the secret SMG from the demo

A hidden difficulty mode isn’t the only cool secret players have uncovered in the RE4 manifestation. turns out there is a whole secret weapon to find, also. To find it, you’ll need to launch the demo as normal and head to the booth. Once you clear the cutscenes and fight your first enemy, before you go up the stairs to escape, open your inventory and drop everything. A little weird, but believe me.

Capcom/Zanar Aesthetic

Now escape the cabin and make sure you don’t pick anything up on your way to the village. Once you see the cop being burned alive (ouch!), you’ll want to head to the left side of the back of town. Watch out for the villagers who will try to attack you.

If you dropped all of your items and haven’t picked anything up since, you need to find a pit in an area that is usually blocked off, preventing Leon from going inside. Go down the ladder and open the chest to get your new TMP machine gun. Also, break the barrels near the chest to get ammo.

Oh, and one more cool thing about this TMP secret: after you find the hidden SMG, you’ll have it in your inventory every time you play the demo.

What else is there to find?

It’s possible that deep within this demo there are one or two more secrets, but so far, players have found nothing. But even if this is all there is, I’m more than happy. Demos are so rare these days, even getting one for a big upcoming game is great. But including demo-exclusive secrets and modes is even better. Reminds me of all the wild secret hunters players did in resident evil 7the beloved demonstration of. And no, as of this writing, no one has found a mannequin finger. Well, not yet, at least…

He resident evil 4 Redo It will be out soon on March 24 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4, and PC. Unfortunately, that’s not a typo. The game is skip xbox onefor now.