/Super Mario Bros. Movie Shouts Out To Nintendo’s Biggest Water Fan

Super Mario Bros. Movie Shouts Out To Nintendo’s Biggest Water Fan

Mario and Luigi strike a cool pose.

Screenshot: Nintendo/Kotaku

Like most people who need water to live, you probably like H20 in a normal amount, but you definitely don’t like water as much as this famous Nintendo fan. They are so well known and loved that they have even been featured in the official magazine plumber website For him Super Mario Bros. movie.

Super Mario Bros. Plumbing is a website for a fake plumbing service where Mario and Luigi come to unclog the pipes. Not like that, pervert. Regardless, the website is an elaborate movie marketing campaign that even features an actual live van tour. If you look at the carousel section of the website, you’ll see a review from someone called Pipe_Dreamz. “Amazing looking water courtesy of the brothers,” he says.

for the non-Chronically online, Pipe_Dreamz is likely a reference to a Miiverse user named MARIO WiiU. They spent at least a couple of years commenting on the graphic quality of video games water on Official Nintendo Forums. His biography describes them as “a die-hard Nintendo fan” who has been playing the publisher’s games since 1985. Despite being a Nintendo gamer since the Nintendo Entertainment System, they felt the Wii U is “an amazing system.” You do, friend.

Since Miiverse was discontinued in November 2017, a new account has appeared on Twitter claiming to be MARIO WiiU. However, there is no viable method to confirm that they are the same person (an enigma that has been publicly directed). I have my doubts. The original water commenter had posts that were not related to water, and the new account only contains tweets about water. So the account is likely run by a water taste fanatic.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo of America has recognized the biggest fan of water video games. Three years ago, the publisher tweeted “Pleasant water” along with a clip of Paper Mario: The King of Origami.

The Miiverse may be gone, but the spirit of MARIO WiiU lives on.