/Ration Card Breaking News » Ration Card Holders Jump After Hearing The Good News

Ration Card Breaking News » Ration Card Holders Jump After Hearing The Good News

Latest ration card news » Another good news has come for the beneficiary ration card upgrade, if you are also a ration card holder, now you can get free ration and free ration from central and state government to central government. get special facilities as you must have seen that there is great news for ration card holder, Ayushman card holders too and ration card holder will now benefit from great plan by central government and the state with free ration.

In which crores of holders also get the free treatment facility, the treatment will be done for free, now taking another step, the government has made it mandatory for all families who have Antyodaya cards. The government has decided that for Antyodaya card holders Free treatments and sky cards will be made, for this a special campaign is being carried out according to the level of tehsil of the district, it has been set as a goal to make Ayushman cards for all members.

Ration Card New Update News 2023 Summary

Departments Uttar Pradesh Departments of Food and Consumer Protection
Job title Online Ration Card Name Update 2023 Add new member online name on ration card
Publication date 03-13-2023
Type of message government schemes
card name UP ration card
Application mode Online
Workday 30 days
Helpline number 1800-3456-194 and 1967
brief details The Department of Food and Consumer Protection has issued a big notice regarding the ration card in the state. According to published information, the names of missing relatives can be added online on the ration card. Ration Card News Updates In 2023, you can add your name to the ration card by sitting at home only through the online application.
official website UP ration card

Which people get the Antyodaya card?

The Antodaya ration card is given to BPL families below the poverty line. Through this card, the beneficiary obtains food at a cheaper price every month. The ration card is delivered in a total of 35 kg of wheat and rice, for this ₹2 per kg. of wheat and rice is paid at ₹3 per kg

Big Ration Card Update 2023 -24

The central and state governments have started all kinds of schemes to help families and through the ration card, the Modi government has also provided financial assistance to poor families. free of rations In this say that it has been announced that it will provide free rations for all ration card holders until January 2024. All states have been included in this, through free rations people can get food grains at low cost or well Because of this, the poor had to face problems, but if there is any problem with you, then the government has Helpline numbers have been issued

holi ration card new list

Big ration card update Ration Card Eligibility

Poor families are honored by ration cards, in which laborers who come after issuing them receive no food for the time being, then produce food grains from a general store in high countries, but are unable to take benefits in the scheme given by the government For you Must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh

  • In which you will get the benefit of the scheme on behalf of the ration card
  • And you will have to get a ration card made in this scheme and keep it in your family record, such as how many members are in the family.
  • In which you will be given free ration for 13 months on the basis of ration card unit.
  • And also if there is a big government announcement.
  • Therefore, it has been announced that it will give you a free ration for 1 year.
  • Free rations donor to make ration cards for poor families whose ration cards have been made by the government

Kese Check Kre ration card online list, how to check ration card online list

For ration card holders please tell them how to check new ration card list you can check them all sitting at home on your mobile but what you have to do is that by clicking on our site sarkarijobup.in , you can download the ration card online You can open the post here, and you can check from here by clicking the important link in the link to check the new ration card list given in this post, to make the ration card online

Category of Families / Beneficiaries wheat Rice Total
Category Antyodaya (AAY) / by family 14 kg. 16 kg. 35Kg
Priority category (PHH) / per beneficiary 2Kg 3Kg 5Kg
Rate per kg $02/- 03 rupees/-

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