/How to List and Sell Items Faster on Poshmark

How to List and Sell Items Faster on Poshmark

INSIDE: Time is of the essence, and when you’re working on your online business, you want to make sure you save as much time as possible. So, here are my top tips for selling on Poshmark and to help you know how to list and sell items faster on Poshmark.

If you’ve been an online reseller for any length of time, you’ve probably figured out how long it takes to sell things. Not only do you need to find quality products to sell, but you also need to take pictures, write descriptions, search comps, post your listings, negotiate with buyers, pack, ship, repeat.

If you work at your resale business part-time, or even full-time, your days may run out of hours.

Luckily there are some Poshmark Tips and tricks to increase your listing speed.

Here are my top tips for selling on Poshmark

I’m a big fan of batch processing. What that means is performing a single activity on a group of items at a time instead of completing the entire listing process simultaneously for each individual item. For example, taking photos and measurements of 15 shirts at a time. Then list those 15 shirts in one sitting.

The more you can save time, the more money you can earn on Poshmark.

Below is how I batch list my own items from Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, and Kidizen.

Get your articles.

For many resellers, getting items takes the most time. That’s why this is one of the most important tips for selling on Poshmark.

I dedicate the mornings of Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to the supply. If I’m lucky, what I collect these three days will last me until next week.

That said, you don’t want sourcing to be the only activity you do. And that can quickly become the case for many resellers. For many, the thrill of the hunt is what brought them to this industry in the first place. But remember.

You are a seller, not just a buyer.

That means you also need to set aside time for the following activities.

Order your items in advance.

When I get home from groceries, the first thing I do is review what I bought. Not only do I want to count my items and account for my total spend, since I use the average cost accounting method, I also take out everything that needs a little extra cleaning. I group items by category so I can follow a rhythm when photographing and measuring. I also group items to be listed on a certain platform before cross-listing.

If you have the space, you can also place the items on hangers at this point. This will keep them from wrinkling and help form an assembly line when it’s time to list.

Another quick tip for selling on Poshmark: Create text shortcuts on your phone for any frequently used listing verbiage, like measurement templates.

This little prep work will get you into the groove of making a list.

Take your photos and measurements.

Now you should be ready to rock and roll. The next thing I do is start taking photos and measurements of each item in my stack. Keep everything at a distance, if possible. Less movement is time saved. This is where you will really start to notice the time saved by grouping similar items together. Shoes, for example, can be listed in the blink of an eye when you can sit on the floor and form a small assembly line.

Some platforms, such as Poshmark and ebay, will allow you to save unpublished drafts. That’s what I do. I take all my photos with the app and save them as drafts for later. For some, I’ll create a “basic list” listing the flaws, measurements, or notes I don’t want to forget.

Pack up your items and place them in containers.

Once my photos are complete, I put everything in numbered bins for easy finding later.

Edit your photos.

When you’re not “live” listing or saving drafts, your images may need a bit of editing. Inevitably, you may find some that are flipped. Many phones will also take long, vertical photos when Poshmark requires a square. Maybe you need to do a little cropping or zooming.

Just flip through the images quickly to make sure everything is ready. So….

Start quoting.

I find listing on my desktop much easier. I open one of those drafts, write a description, check the comps and set my price, then post the listing.

Enter the items into your inventory spreadsheet.

Being organized is one of the key tips for selling on Poshmark and for make money from home. I keep a spreadsheet with every item I have for sale. While I’m enumerating, I enter:

  • Qualification
  • Category
  • Size
  • Platform(s) listed in
  • Paper bin #
  • price paid
  • where it was obtained
  • starting price
  • date of purchase
  • listing date

As I sell items, I review the inventory and income spreadsheet:

  • sale date
  • price sold
  • Revenue

Why are these tips for selling on Poshmark important?

Lot listing may seem like a small change, but it can make a world of difference to your online reselling business.

It will permit you increase your Poshmark sales since you can do more.

And not only does it save a little time here and there, which can really add up in the long run, but it can also make a huge to-do list seem more manageable. When time is money, everything helps.

–By Angie Nelson