/How to Find the Best Flipping Products on Amazon

How to Find the Best Flipping Products on Amazon

INSIDE: Amazon is now one of the most popular sites for selling not only new but also used products. You just need to know how to find the best flipping products on Amazon, and we’ll show you how!

eBay isn’t the only game in town when it comes to reselling online.

In recent years, Amazon has rapidly gained popularity among those looking to make a profit on new and used products. However, not all products will be winners. If you want to be a profitable Amazon seller, you need to know the best products to sell on Amazon.

Benefits of Flipping Items on Amazon

One of the main reasons why Amazon has become so popular with resellers is the built-in audience.

Only in September 2019, 150.6 million mobile users accessed the Amazon mobile application. By comparison, the app in second place was Walmart with just 86.05 million users. That’s just double its biggest shopping app competitor. eBay ranked third in 2018.

Another reason why Amazon has become so popular is their FBA, or Fulfilled by Amazonprogram.

This allows sellers to send their available inventory to an Amazon warehouse where it is stored until it is sold. Amazon employees then pack and ship the merchandise. Inventory storage and shipping can be big expenses and headaches for sellers. This opportunity takes it off your plate.

However, if you’re not moving inventory, that storage space can still cost you money. Amazon charges per square foot. Therefore, it is important to choose your products to sell wisely. You are in this business to make money, not just to spend it.

Top Selling Categories on Amazon Marketplace

sellbrite It lists some of the most profitable categories such as toys and games, cameras, electronics, video games, books, and fashion. One thing to keep in mind about Amazon Best Sellers categories, however, is that they may not be available to you as a seller, especially as a new seller.

Several categories and many individual brands are “closed.” This means that you will need to get approval from the site or brand before posting articles.

Some of the current restricted categories include items popular with sellers such as cars, jewelry, video media, and even toys and games during the holiday season. For this reason alone, it is very important to do your research and keep it up to date.

jungle explorer He does an annual sellers report which always offers a wealth of information. Their 2020 survey found that some of the most popular categories among sellers are:

  • home and kitchen
  • sports and outdoors
  • Toys and games
  • Health, home and baby care
  • beauty and personal care
  • Kitchen and dining room
  • Clothes, shoes and jewelry
  • Baby
  • garden and outdoor
  • Tools and home improvements

However, just because a category is “best seller” does not necessarily mean it is the most profitable. You’ll have to dig into individual product research to find out.

How to determine if a product is worth selling on Amazon

There are a few essential things to keep in mind when searching for a best-selling product to sell on Amazon:

  • low investment
  • High demand
  • Good earning potential
  • low competition

It is very important to research about products and product sourcing opportunities as a beginner.

Amazon itself provides a list of best-selling items which is updated every hour. This can be a great place to see what’s hot.

Once you know how much an item sells for, you need to consider your expenses. That not only includes the purchase price, but also the sales fees. Amazon offers a FBA Revenue Calculator that can give you an idea.

Fortunately, there are a number of amazon seller apps which can make your job easier.

amazon seller apps

Amazon Seller App – This is an app created by Amazon and you will need an Amazon seller account to use it. The best part: it’s free! Once downloaded, you can start scanning or searching for potential Amazon flips. The official Amazon seller app works on iOS and on androidand it can help you:

  • Check the price of a product on the site
  • See Fulfillment by Amazon rates
  • Get an estimated profit
  • View the Amazon Best Seller Ranking (BSR)
  • Check the competition
  • See which Amazon category the item falls into

explore 2 – This is another popular heavy lifter among Amazon sellers. requires a professional Amazon seller account. It does many of the same things as the Amazon Seller app with a few additional useful features:

  • Connect a bluetooth scanner to increase your scanning speed and bypass your phone’s camera
  • It is faster
  • Include sales tax in your calculations
  • View a product’s pricing and rating history

However, Scoutify 2 comes with a price tag. It currently costs $49 per month after a 30-day free trial.

jungle explorer is a Chrome extension that will allow you to do some research at home. This browser extension can help you spot keywords, look for low competition, and see a product trend over time.

There are tons of apps out there. These are simply two of the most popular and complete. Find one that you like and that makes sense for your business.

Where to get the best products for flipping on Amazon

As a new business, you may be wondering where to find these great Amazon products to flip. There are several good options:

jungle explorer

jungle explorer Not only does it have some great lists of best-selling categories and trending products, but they can also help you find items to flip for profit.

Tactical Arbitration

Tactical Arbitration has a great list of websites for those interested in online arbitration. You can use their software, for a fee, or start researching these sites yourself.

One thing to remember about using a service like this is that thousands of other Amazon sellers are using it too. This can mean a lot of competition when it comes to selling the products you have obtained. That can decrease your profit margin. Sometimes easy doesn’t mean the best.

Liquidation arbitration can be done locally and is a favorite of The Selling Family. Jessica shared her story at length with me in a previous interview.. They find many of their best products to sell at places like Big Lots or the Grocery Outlet. They specifically examine discontinued everyday items that people who love the item may be willing to pay a premium for when they can no longer find it themselves.

Direct from the manufacturer or distributor

Direct from the manufacturer or distributor is another way to do it, and an increasingly popular avenue among marketers who have found their niche.

This option is almost always a requirement with some categories and/or products closed. This route can be quite an investment, so it’s generally not recommended for those who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of expendable capital.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Products to Flip on Amazon

As you can see, being an Amazon seller is one of the best ways to earn money on Amazon. It’s right up there with sell things on eBay.

As you consider what items you want to sell on Amazon as a new seller, keep these simple tips in mind:

stick with what you know

One of the best places to start looking for products is always at home because you know these items best. You know how much they originally cost and their condition. You can know if the article has aroused the interest of your friends and might be searched by others. And of course, you might even be passionate about the product category as a whole.

If you don’t know, research… first

Every reseller makes mistakes. You’re bound to make some bad buys. But much of that can be circumvented by simply pulling out a seller app and scanning the item. Or even doing a quick spin in the eBay app to see how much an item has recently sold for.

–By Angie Nelson