/Shaliza Dhami becomes the first female officer in the Indian Air Force to command a combat unit

Shaliza Dhami becomes the first female officer in the Indian Air Force to command a combat unit

Group Captain Shaliza Dhami has been chosen by the Indian Air Force (IAF) to assume command of a frontline fighter unit in the western area. She will be the first female commander of an IAF combat unit. The sources said that she will be in charge of a missile facility in Punjab, near the Pakistan-India border. The job of the missile unit is to provide air defense.

Grupo Dhami Captain has more than 2800 hours of flight experience and was commissioned as a helicopter pilot in 2003. She has held the position of flight commander of a helicopter unit in the West sector, indicating that she was the second to unit charge. She is a trained flight instructor.

Shaliza Dhami becomes the first female official

The officer is currently assigned to the Operations division of a frontline Command Headquarters and has received two Air Commander Commander-in-Chief Commendations.

history being written

Shaliza Dhami, a group captain, is ready to take control of a frontline fighting unit in the conflict with Pakistan in the western region. She will make history as the first female IAF pilot. On March 27, Dhami will assume command of a Pechora surface-to-air missile unit in Punjab.

Current number of women in the forces

There are currently 18 women flying fighters in the IAF, including Rafales and brand new MiG-21s, MiG-29s and Sukhoi-30MKIs. The Navy has assigned some 30 female officers to frontline warships. The IAF, Army and Navy have more than 145 female helicopter and transport pilots.

Although women have been commissioned as officers in the more than 14 lakh armed forces since the early 1990s, they make up just over 3,900 of the cadre of 65,000 officers (about 1,710 in the Army, 1,650 in the IAF). and 600 in the Navy). In the military medical stream, there are about 1,670 female doctors, 190 dentists, and 4,750 nurses.