/Check the balance of any bank sitting at home with just the Aadhaar number

Check the balance of any bank sitting at home with just the Aadhaar number

Last updated on March 12, 2023

If you guys also want to check your bank balance while sitting at home then a big update will be released for all of you, if you want to check someone else’s bank balance then you can easily sit at home from your mobile phone. you can check any bank or your bank balance you can check any bank you can check all banks how to know any bank balance from your phone all information everyone will see through this post so definitely read this post from beginning to end.

Many times it happens that there are many such beneficiaries who get the benefit amount of the government plan, the amount of the government plan is transferred to their account every month, they get the benefits of different types of government plans and cannot be traced. . How much money from the government was transferred to your account, when and how much money came to our account, it is not known where it came from, for this you can easily check the balance by checking your history, just your Aadhaar number or account number or mobile number Through any, you can easily find out your balance sitting at home by checking bank balance, how much and when the amount was transferred to your account, the amount of the government plan

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There are many ways to check the bank balance, by adopting any method, you can easily find out the bank balance without going to the bank from home, if you want to check the government plan amount, you can easily. in your account You came, you came, when you came, how much you came, where did you get the money, what scheme did you get, you can see all the biographical data, if you want to check, then the government has issued a request, Umang UMANG You will be able to verify through the app, it is available on the play store, you can easily verify it by downloading it from the play store and registering it, and you can also verify it through PFMS, which is the second one. Direct Link Below Has Been Activated

If you want to check the bank balance, you can easily check it, for this you need to have a mobile phone number registered with the bank. If you have a mobile number link in your bank account, you can easily start Google Pay Phone Pay Paytm and you can easily earn money. You can also transfer and check your amount, it will be done by Aadhaar number only, if you don’t have ATM, even then your phone Google Pay will be enabled by Aadhaar number only.

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If your mobile number is not registered with the bank, you can find out your bank balance by adopting many methods, first of all, you can find the free number of the bank where you have a Google account, by calling that number you can call to the client. You may know of Care, Name Account number You will be asked for your date of birth You will be told your amount

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The second method is by sending a message, you can easily find out your bank balance, all banks have different numbers, you can find on Google, which bank you have an account, take out the same bank number and send a message to it. |

If you want all banks customer service number and all banks bank balance check code, please click the post link below, you will get the number code. By clicking the link below, you can easily contact their customer support. You can extract the full number code