/Urfi Javed Bad News » Urfi Javed’s fierce matchup is no longer fresh

Urfi Javed Bad News » Urfi Javed’s fierce matchup is no longer fresh

Urfi Javed Bad News » Urfi Javed’s Fierce Confrontation Live Latest News News Urfi Javed is a social media sensation. She is often seen on the streets of Mumbai wearing an orange dress. In a way, people like Urfi Javed’s dress sense, on the other hand, there are some people who keep trolling her. But this time Urfi Javed is in discussion for her sister. Urfi’s sister also competes with her in terms of her beauty and dress sense.

Urfi Javed has reappeared in an orange dress. She is wearing a brown dress. While her sister Doli Javed has donned a purple and green patterned dress. The beautiful style of both sisters can be seen in the video.

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urfi javed mother and father — name is Ifru Javedzakiya sultana urfi javed motherurfi javed fatherurfi Javed Old Mother,

Urfi has helped herself this time with a glass of wine to cover her breasts

And sitting topless in front of the camera, a table has been placed in front of Urfi, on which she is hiding her breasts with the help of a glass. Tell them that in the video, Urfi is holding these glasses with both hands. Fans are shocked to see this video and people are making lewd comments about this video.

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Born: October 15, 1997 (age 25), Lucknow

Height: 1.55 meters

Nationality: Indian

Full name: Urfi Javed

Education: Amity University Lucknow Campus, City Montessori School

Introduction: –

Does Urfi Javed have parents?

Urfi Javed’s mother’s name is Zakia Sultana and his father’s name is not known. But Urfi now lives alone from her father in Lucknow with her 2 younger sisters and her mother. Her father had tormented her for years, so she ran away from her with her sisters.

How many Urfi Javed sisters?

She has two sisters named Asfi Javed and Dolly Javed, with whom she chose to live independently in New Delhi in her younger years after leaving home and family.