/Side Hustle Ideas for working from home

Side Hustle Ideas for working from home

In the work-from-home world, we call our multiple workers who earn money from home our “eggs.” This post will cover various work-at-home “eggs” or side ideas that you can use to make money when the work at your main job dries up. And if you’ve been working at home for a while, then you know this happens on occasion!

It’s never a good idea to be dependent on just one job as a home-based worker, because you never know what’s going to happen.

I have personally experienced companies laying off or laying off workers, changes in the available workload, and pay rates suddenly so low that the job was no longer worth it. So you have to be prepared.

I polled my readers on Facebook a while ago and asked around on the forums to find out which sites and various industries most people use to back up work from home. Below is a collection of some of the specific sites mentioned by readers.

Note: Keep in mind that some of these are just good for extra money, and some could possibly amount to part-time jobs at home.

Side Hustle Ideas – 12 Legit Options

1 – Door panel

If you’re okay with a job outside the home as long as you’re flexible, you could deliver food orders for DoorDash! This is actually something my own sister does in her spare time and enjoys for the occasional extra money.

It is possible to earn more than $20 per hour, plus you can keep 100 percent of your tips.

Go here to sign up for DoorDash, or read our DoorDash review first.

2 – Mobile

If you like animals, you may want to consider signing up with Rover as a pet sitter. Basically, Rover is an intermediary that helps connect pet sitters with people in need of services in their area.

While they take a cut of your profits as they offer the platform to help you find clients, it can still be useful if you’ve had trouble finding clients to care for in the past.

Pet care can largely be considered a “side hustle” because you call the shots. You decide which appointments to take, when to work, and according to Rover, it’s entirely possible to earn $1,000 a month.

Obviously, $1,000 a month isn’t going to pay anyone’s bills enough to count as a full-time job, but it certainly counts as substantial extra money.

Go here to sign up for Rover or read our Rover review first.

3 – Fiverr

Many people post side jobs on Fiverr and earn an income.

For many, it’s just a little extra money here and there. But for others, Fiverr pays the bills!

If you don’t know what to list there, check out this post for ideas on what to sell on Fiverr. I also got some Fiverr pro tips in another post after interviewing people who managed to make money from the site.

Go here to try it out.

4 – Cambly

This is a work from home for people who want to teach non-English speakers how to speak conversational English.

Basically, you do the work through a webcam, interacting with people who have the Cambly app installed. You do not need any professional experience, but you do need to be a native English speaker.

Go here to learn more about Cambly or here to sign up.

5 – Cut the cake

This is another one that I have personally kept on the back burner for extra money, and it was mentioned by a few people I surveyed.

It’s very easy: just listen to song snippets and then rate/review them in a few sentences. You can be paid once you have earned $10.

Payments are made on Tuesdays and Fridays. Again, this is just extra money. However, staying active on the site means regular cash withdrawals are possible.

Go here to read more about Slice the Pie or here to register.

6 – Elegant hands

Many people suggested Fancy Hands, and it’s a site I’ve used myself. Basically, it is task-based virtual assistance. Each task pays a different amount, and you can be doing anything from checking if a store is open to booking plane tickets.

Go here to read about Fancy Hands or here to register.

If you’re interested in making a full-time income as a virtual assistant, I have a very inexpensive eBook that explains how it works in detail! You can check Your guide to working from home as a virtual assistant here.

Your guide to working from home as a virtual assistant

7 – Quicktate

This company hires remote transcriptionists, and it’s great for transcription newbies because the job is pretty easy and you don’t need any real experience to get in. You only have to pass a test.

This is a company that has been around for a long time, and I have never heard anything bad about them. The salary is low, so most people only depend on it for extra money.

Go here to read more about Quicktate or here to register.

I also have a lot more details about working at home as a general transcriptionist in my ebook, Your guide to working from home as a general transcriptionist. It also includes a huge list of over 70 other hiring companies.

transcription guide

8 – Text broker

I admit this has been a go to site for extra cash for quite some time. You get paid to write articles for Textbroker’s many clients. It’s not hard to get accepted at all, but unfortunately, unless you can move up to 4-star level, there’s not much work to be done.

Textbroker reliably pays out every week on Fridays, as long as you have the minimum $10 in your account required to withdraw money. I have found the writing to be quite easy.

As of this writing, they are closed to new applicants, but they should have applications open again this spring!

Go here for more information on Textbroker or here to register as a writer.

9 – Amazon MTurk

This is a short task site with a variety of jobs available at any time. You can find everything from data entry to transcription and even writing a few articles.

I myself have used this site many times in the past and occasionally like to log in and do some small work. For some, this is just extra money, but there are plenty of people who get more than just extra.

Go here to learn more about Amazon Mechanical Turk or here to register.

10 – Click worker

My personal experience with Clickworker is very limited, but it is mentioned quite often on the forums and also among my Facebook followers. It is a task based job. Payment varies depending on the project you are doing.

Go here to read more about Clickworker or here to register.

11 – Humanatic

Work from home reviewing calls for Humanatic. Basically, you listen to recorded phone conversations and tag them based on whether the call you heard was sales related or not.

I’ve done this quite a bit and the pay is extremely low (less than $5 an hour for me), but it’s kind of fun and I liked getting on and checking calls here and there in between other work. It accumulates over time, and they pay weekly.

Go here to read more about Humanatic or here to register.

The Best Types of Jobs for Home Fill/Backup Jobs

The best type of home backup work is almost always It’s going to be somewhat flexible so you can pick it up or drop it off as needed depending on how things are going with other work you do.

Freelance writing is always very flexible, as is transcription. These are also two fields that you can get into with little to no experience!

Someone on my Facebook page also suggested mystery shopping as a good industry to get into for some extra money. While mystery shopping is not done at home, with the exception of phone mystery shopper work. It is a very flexible and independent job.

Good luck in whatever you choose to pursue!

300 more flexible jobs at home without a phone

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Each job posting also has a short summary with any relevant information you can find (pay, which countries you may be open to, etc.).

Good luck to you, and I hope you find this eBook useful if it’s a non-phone job you’re looking for.

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