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The new list is out check your name

Last updated on March 7, 2023

Hello friends as you may know Ayushman card is a very welfare scheme of the Government of India, under this scheme those whose name is on the list of Ayushman card the government provides financial assistance of 05 lakhs for their treatment let us We will tell you about it in this article How to view Ayushman’s card list, the complete information of which will be explained in simple and easy language.

From time to time, the government of India runs many schemes for all the people who are living below the poverty line, but this scheme is considered very beneficial because the government runs it for your family and yourself.5 lakhs Provide annually so that you can get your treatment absolutely free at any hospital in the state or country.:can load

Ayushman card list?

The launching of this scheme is also known as Ayushman Bharat Yojana Jan Arogya Yojana. 14 April 2018 Mainly to the Honorable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi of the country through this scheme carried out by 100 million A target has been set to include poor families, through this scheme, poor families will receive insurance of 05 lakhs, through which they will be able to receive their treatment at the spliced ​​hospital.

List of Ayushman cards

The central government is taking the decision to increase the scope of Ayushman Bharat Yojana, its main advantage is to provide benefits to all the people living below the poverty line living in the rural areas. List of Ayushman cards As we’ll see why many people can’t make this cut even after getting their names on this list, so it’s important that you understand these things.

And you will be prompted that if you want to take advantage of this scheme, first name on the list look if your name is not there but you have one Relative Or if there is a neighbor name let him know and you should tell him about this scheme so that he can also take advantage of this scheme or you should share this article with him so that after reading this article he will also understand all the information in simple and easy language

What is the Ayushman Bharat scheme??

Ayushman Bharat Yojana is a welfare scheme of the Indian government, under this scheme, the government grants 0.5 million annually to people below the poverty line, but the government conducted a census in 2011, in which the names of the families included in can be seen in the list., If your name is on the list, you can get free treatment of 05 lakhs at any listed hospital in the country.

issued by the government of India ayushmana card The main purpose of publishing the rural list is that all people in rural areas see your name on this list, if your name is on it then Online or if he wants disconnected You can also apply for this through medium because many times their family or they need to get treatment and their name is also on this list but due to lack of money they are unable to get the right treatment at the right time., Because many people also die, the government wants more and more people to take advantage of the Ayushman Bharat Card and annually ₹500000 You can get it absolutely free.

Ayushman Card Village Wise List Benefits and features of

  • ayushmana card under you annually 5 lakhs can be treated absolutely free
  • With the help of Ayushman card village wise list approx. 10 Ten million The goal has been set to provide its benefits to the villagers.
  • With the help of this list, all the poor class people 5 lakhs will have health insurance
  • List of Ayushman cardsThe cost of medicine in case of health ailment provided with the help of the doctor, etc. It will be covered by the government.
  • Through the Ayushman Bharat scheme 1350 Illnesses are covered China treatment will be free
  • This scheme is being operated by the Ministry of Health which will be provided to rural candidates from all rural areas of India.
  • There is no need to spend anything for sickness for candidates enrolled on the Ayushman card rural housing list.

List of Ayushman cards Documents required to verify

Friends, you can check this list even without giving any documents but you will need to fill the below mentioned documents to make Ayushman card.

  • Aadhaar card Ration card for all family members
  • mobile phone number
  • The name must be there in the SECC-2011 list
  • All the documents mentioned above have to be completed

Ayushman Card Village Wise List how to review?

All of you candidates can follow all the below mentioned steps to see your name on Ayushman list which is as below

  • List of Ayushman cards To check online first official website You will have to come to the home page which will be like this
  • After reaching the home page, this type of page will open.

List of Ayushman cards

  • Now you need to enter the 10-digit mobile number and click on Get OTP option
  • An OTP will be sent to the given mobile number, search for that OTP and click on Send option.
  • Now this kind of new page will open in front of you where you have to select information like your state name, district name, block name, village name and click on search option, which will be next.

ayushmana card

  • Now the list of your village will be downloaded in front of you, from which you can see what it will be like.

Ayushman Card List Add Name

  • Now you have to find your name in this list, if your name is found in this list then you can make Ayushman card.
  • Click here to see how to make an Ayushman card
  • So it is a request to all the readers that by following all the steps mentioned above, you can check your Ayushman card list.

Disclaimer: Here is an information that we send you, our goal is that you can know the information of the scheme, the status, the list, verifying any decision related to it will be your final decision, we or any member of our team are not responsible for it . It will happen : Thank you