/What are part time remote accounting jobs?

What are part time remote accounting jobs?

Part-time remote accounting jobs are on the rise!

Technology has made it easier than ever to share and transfer documents without the need for physical paper.

part time remote accounting jobs

Since an invoice can now be emailed, paid online, and documented in online accounting software without ever having to print it… it was only natural for the accounting clerk, accountant, and accountant the roles would be made available to remote workers at some point.

More and more of these positions are appearing on remote work job boards, and it can be confusing what they actually entail. Many terms are used interchangeably, and roles can range from entry level to required certification.

Today, we are breaking down the remote accounting industry for you. Find out if you are qualified for this growing field of work from home.

What do remote meters do?

Part-time workers can perform many accounting tasks remotely:

  • Transaction data entry.
  • Transaction Classification
  • Accounts reconciliation
  • collections
  • Customer service
  • Organize files, invoices and receipts
  • Paysheet
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Consultant
  • Analysis
  • Tax preparation

If you land a remote job in accounting, chances are these tasks (or maybe some combination, depending on your role) are how you’ll spend your time.

What skills and experience are required for remote accounting jobs?

Much of the confusion about part-time accounting work stems from the sometimes interchangeable use of the terms bookkeeper (or accounting clerk) and accountant. Accounting, or clerical, tasks often include entry-level tasks at the top of the list above, such as data entry and transaction sorting.

In many cases, no formal education is required for these positions. Many people learn them through on-the-job training. This is especially true in traditional employment roles where a supervisor may oversee your work and offer feedback on the spot.

However, in the world of remote accounting work, there is often much more competition for available positions, and many employers are looking for workers who already have experience and can jump right into the role without much training. Many online accounting jobs still requires experience or training, unless you are start your own bookkeeping business.

Tasks that can often only be performed by a trained accounting professional include consulting, analysis, and tax preparation. These duties require a high level of detail and involve the most important and private aspect of a company: its financial records and its money. Formal training is often required and can sometimes extend to CPA or CMA certification.

How much money do remote accountants make?

Just as the job is varied, so is the salary range. Obviously, an entry level bookkeeper will earn less than a certified public accountant. According to Glassdor, the average remote accountant salary is about $30,000 a year, and the average salary for a remote accountant is more than $53,000.

How to Get Remote Accounting Jobs

There is many remote companies and accounting firms that outsource to remote workers. (This is especially true in the age of COVID.) As usual, we recommend FlexJobs and Remote.co for vetted job opportunities. No scams!

It can also help small business owners calculate their numbers if you’re quickbooks expert.

Finally, keep an eye on Indeed and even your local Craigslist job board. However, especially if you’re looking for an entry-level remote accounting job, it’s more important than ever to do your due diligence. Anything to do with data entry is a target for scammers. Learn to spot the red flags.

Some of the places we’ve seen recent remote accounting job postings include:

  • TaxJar
  • robert middle international
  • Kelly Services
  • US Bank
  • accounting principles
  • eXp Realty
  • empty
  • TIE UP

If customer service is your specialty, you can also check out remote companies like Working Solutions, which often hires seasonally for clients like Intuit TurboTax.

Benefits of Part Time Remote Accounting Jobs

If you love numbers, virtual bookkeeping and remote bookkeeping jobs offer many benefits: You can save on your travel and work attire, and you can work flexible hours (as do many part-time remote employees).

Although remote employees who have outgoing personalities may have a hard time working at home, introverts and empaths tend to thrive in the solitary environment. Many distractions from co-workers are eliminated, allowing you to focus solely on the job at hand.

Regardless of which accounting firm or part-time job you choose, remember that a remote accounting career requires the same level of confidentiality and care that you would exhibit in a traditional office clerk position.