/What is a fully equipped home office for remote work?

What is a fully equipped home office for remote work?

INSIDE: What is a fully equipped home office for remote work? Let’s dig in and find out what you need and what you don’t need. Read on to find out!

If this is your first time looking to telecommute, you may be wondering what your home office space will require. Maybe you’re worried you don’t have what you need and don’t have the budget to invest in a new setup right now. Fortunately, many remote employees can start with what they have and invest in the extras and upgrades as they go.

What is a fully equipped home office for remote work?

What is a fully equipped home office for remote work?

In today’s post, we break down some of the needs and requirements you may face when looking for your first work from home job.

What equipment do you need to work from home?

When it comes to home office setups, there are quite a few items that might be necessary for someone in one industry but not another. Customer service is one of those industries that typically comes with a lot of requirements. Other opportunities, like freelance writing, may come with little to no equipment requirements.

Your first step to determine what equipment will you need for remote work is deciding on an industry. Are you looking for customer service work? Write jobs? Virtual assistant gigs? Once you decide on a direction for your job search, you can start researching industry standards.

Desktop vs. Laptop

As mentioned above, customer service work tends to include a long list of hardware and software requirements. That list usually starts with the type of computer you’ll be allowed to work on. In most cases, an up-to-date all-in-one desktop is required for this type of work. In many cases, the job also dictates the use of a Mac or Windows based system.

However, if you only have access to a laptop right now, you’re out of luck! There are still plenty of remote opportunities to choose from. Many freelance functions, such as freelance writing, transcription, tutoring, and more, can be done on a laptop.

Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi

Whether your computer needs to be connected to the Internet via a cable or whether it can use a WiFi signal will depend on the job. Customer service roles, for example, typically don’t allow the use of a WiFi satellite or router. A freelance writer, on the other hand, can get their work done from anywhere remotely as long as they have a signal.

Recommendations for your Internet connection and Internet speed may come from the company that hires you. If there is a specific requirement, such as Ethernet only, it will usually be listed in the job description prior to applying. Many large customer service companies will even run a system check on your computer to check your internet download speed and software before accepting you for a job. If necessary, check with your Internet Service Provider to make sure your speeds are up to par.

cordless phone vs. permanent

Many people today no longer have a landline phone. With many work-at-home jobs, it won’t be a problem if you fall into that category. However, some businesses, especially those in the customer service industry, require a landline phone to accept calls. However, even within this industry, there are some companies that route calls through your computer instead of a landline. If this is an area of ​​concern for you, be sure to carefully read the requirements for a job posting before applying.

noise canceling headphones

Once upon a time, you didn’t need to worry about having noise canceling headphones unless your remote job was in customer service. That is no longer the case. With so many interviews, trainings, video calls and video conference meetings from companies, it is now common to have them. They help eliminate any background noise such as children, dogs, traffic, and neighbors mowing the lawn. As you can imagine, some web conferencing meetings could work much better if more people used them.

Luckily they are not that expensive. You can pick up a quality pair on Amazon or your favorite home office supply store for under $50. Plantronics and Logitech are two trusted manufacturers.

Do you need a printer?

Home office printers can come in handy from time to time, even if it’s not a job requirement. And many remote jobs don’t require them. You may want or need to print your contract or tax forms to fill out when offered a job, for example. That being said, there are always ways around this if you don’t have a printer at home. You can probably print things from your local library or office supply store. Perhaps you have a neighbor, friend, or relative who will let you use theirs on occasion.

Is there a tax break for working from home?

You may be able to claim certain expenses on your taxes as a home office deduction. However, any tax deductions should be discussed with a qualified tax professional. These tax relief rules may change from year to year. And some expenses, like utility bills, may qualify as an expense for one type of remote worker but not another. It’s always best to get income tax information from a professional who can discuss your specific situation, whether you’re a remote employee or an independent contractor, and can advise whether an itemized deduction or home office expense makes sense. for you. They may even have some other ideas for tax relief that you didn’t know about.

Should you personalize your office?

I highly recommend making your desktop setup your own. You may be spending quite a bit of time here after all!

Start with the small things. Just as you would in a corporate cubicle, put up some photos. Maybe write your goals and aspirations on a whiteboard to stay motivated. Add a plant or diffuser.

As you settle in and start making money, you may decide you need a few upgrades, like a new laptop stand or standing desk. Perhaps an LED desk lamp if needed to illuminate your work space. If things are really going well, you might want to invest in a total home office design with fresh paint or much-needed filing cabinets or desk space. Maybe you’d enjoy a co-working space from time to time.

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final thoughts

Many people find themselves working in their home office more than they imagined. Knowing the answer to “what is a fully equipped home office for remote work?” you can enjoy that time much more. Make your home office setup your own. Make it comfortable and productive!