/Kidizen Review: Make Money Selling Kids Clothes on Kidizen

Kidizen Review: Make Money Selling Kids Clothes on Kidizen

INSIDE: Kids grow up so fast! Fortunately, you can sell those precious clothes that they only wore once; see how in my Kidizen review.

My husband and I started sell clothes on poshmark only. As we experienced small ebbs and flows in consignment sales, the need to cross-list our items across various Applications to keep things moving and diversify our resellers’ income.

Although we mainly focus on adult clothing and shoes, from time to time we have some children’s clothing items for sale. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to move kids’ clothing and shoes very quickly at Poshmark. Maybe it’s because of the flat shipping rate of just under $7.

Fortunately, I heard about the Kidizen app, which focuses on selling used children’s clothing (including baby clothes) and accessories. If you have children’s books and toys, this is also a good place to sell online. The listing and selling process seemed simple enough. So I decided it was worth a try. Now I want to share my review of Kidizen as a seller.

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Kidizen was founded in 2013, originally as Itizen. In 2014, the company released its iOS app under the name Kidizen. As you can see, this online marketplace has been around for a while!

While this app was originally focused solely on kids, they now have a mom category as well. That means you can also sell women’s clothing and accessories at this virtual consignment store.

Child rates

Post an article on children It’s free. When your item sells, they deduct a 12% (+$0.50) marketplace fee from the listing price. If you choose free shipping when posting, the label fee will also be deducted from your earnings.

How does Kidizen shipping work?

Shipping options are very similar to Mercari’s. You can get a label through the app or buy your own and upload the tracking number.

When publishing your article, you will have a few options to choose from:

  • Shipping is paid by you or by the buyer.
  • Three weight classes are available: 8 oz. and less, 8 to 16 ounces and less than 2 pounds.

(It’s a good idea to have a scale on hand to weigh your items. Fortunately, scales are fairly inexpensive. You can see the one I use here.)

If you decide to send offers to interested parties, you will again have the option to offer free shipping or not.

If you choose to get your sticker from Kidizen, the fee will be deducted from your sale proceeds and the sticker will be emailed to you.

How does the listing work?

If you have listed items in Poshmark or MercariYou will see that Kidizen is not much different.

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Press the Sell button.
  • Take pictures of your items.
  • Create an attractive title, using the brand name and any relevant keywords.
  • Select the category, gender, size, brand and condition.
  • Write a description. Be sure to disclose any damage or condition issues. If necessary, you can include measurements.
  • Select the shipment.
  • Set your price.

You can also use hashtags in Kidizen, although I haven’t ventured too far into that yet. I would pay attention to the Hash Flashes on the home page of the application. These are like Poshmark parties. During the weekly Hash Flashes, items with the chosen hashtags are displayed. When I wrote this post, the weekly Hash Flashes were #floral, #springbreak, #swim, and #lillypulitzer. You can also use these trends as inspiration for what to list.

If you have children’s clothing but don’t want to list and sell it yourself, you can use a Style Scout. These local area representatives photograph the items, manage and promote the listings, and submit the listings once the items are sold. Scouts and their clients split the profits after deducting the Kidizen fee and shipping costs.

When and how do I get paid?

one good thing about children is that as soon as your item starts to be tracked, you will be paid. Kid Bucks is the payment system used. When you make a sale, the proceeds are added to your Kid Bucks balance. You can then use the funds to make purchases on Kidizen, or you can withdraw your earnings to your bank account or PayPal. There is a $1 convenience fee if you request a withdrawal of less than $15.

My results selling clothes on Kidizen

My first listings on Kidizen were cross listings from other platforms. Kidizen was not endorsed by list perfectly At that time. Therefore, I listed on the website instead of the app because it was a bit easier for me. I uploaded my images and copied and pasted my titles and descriptions from the other platform.

I couldn’t find a place where I could see sold listings. I always like to see what the “going rate” is for items on a platform. It’s not a deal breaker. I simply set a price comparable to similar items for sale on the site.

One difference between the app and the website is that I didn’t see where I could choose buyer paid shipping. No problem. I just adjusted my prices accordingly. I listed seven items on my first day.

Within 24 hours, I was able to make my first sale on Kidizen. It was a pair of children’s shoes. The sale occurred after receiving a notification that a user had added the shoes to his cart. I then had the option to make an offer to the client, which I did. The customer accepted the offer and made the purchase.

I totally believe in beginner’s luck, but I also believe in consistency and diversifying your sources of income. Little by little, I’ve been adding a few more items to Kidizen each day, especially since they now have a Mama category. The more eyes on your merchandise, the better.

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If you’re ready to sign up to start selling kids’ clothing, or mom’s clothing and accessories, on Kidizen, I would love for you to use my referral link.. We’ll both get a small shopping credit to use on the site if you do. Two great things about belonging to these reseller communities are the ability to work at home and the opportunity to support others doing the same as you.

It’s as much fun being a buyer as it is a seller! Also, buying used items is an example of green shopping. Learn more about Kidizen and about sustainable clothing brands here.